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Chuck Halbakken is a kettlebell instructor, gym owner and one of the strongest guys you'll ever meet.

Swing by his blog for his thoughts on strength, and details of a truly extraordinary gym.

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The Importance of Perfect Reps - Part Two

Think about it.

In part one, I discussed the SAID principle, the three stages of motor learning, and the four elements of efficiency. Now it's time to take this knowledge and turn it into perfect reps. Bear in mind, I cannot cover every example, for every exercise in every sport, so I will give examples from different sports on each point.

The Importance of Perfect Reps - Part One

The thinking behind practice.

"Practice makes perfect", it's a common expression that's WRONG. A much more accurate expression would be "Perfect practice makes perfect" think I'm splitting hairs? Why are you practicing? To get better, stronger, or faster at your chosen sport.

Card Tearing Anyone?

Good fun.

Torn cards.
I don't care if you tear a stack of paper, a deck of playing cards, or a stack of bills you don't want to pay. Tearing is good fun.

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