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Cristian Stanciu lost over 50 pounds through intermittent fasting, weight lifting and cardio. You can check out his transformation on Gainsthetics and follow him on Instagram.

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5 Steps to Build Your Own Personal Diet Plan

Time to get started.

If you've been struggling with losing fat and getting toned up you probably learned the hard way that there are very few legit diet plans out there that actually work. Big hype diets such as low carb, Dukan or raw foods type of diets are pretty poorly designed and do not sustain body recomposition - losing fat while building muscle.
This should be your goal - recomposing your body. Just losing weight may not get you the results you are after. Yeah, the scale will go down, yeah you will lose weight, but that won't get you that fit, athletic physique you want. Best case scenario you will end up skinny fat, worst case scenario you will starve yourself by following a stupid diet and when you think you are done with it you'll start binging and put on all the weight you lost if not more.

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