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Dan Lapic has turned outdoor training into an art form; combining bodyweight training with stone, log, rope and odd-object work. Find out more over on USA Jungle Gym.

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GET Brick'd

You get your weight set. We'll get the BrIcKs.

That's right!, get yourself brick'd. Today's workout was nothing short of D&D. Death and Destruction, and it was all about the BRICK. Hell , with the energy level on HIGH, had some one shouted out some shit while Digger and I were tearin' the local park up, why, they would have been pulling the brick out 'der mouth.

Letter to the Editor

Nice one.

The simplicity of the USA JungleGym approach.

Outdoor Fitness: Log Flippin'

A great way to train.

Log Flip
Great exercise for outdoor training. Image from Log Flippin'.
This is a superb outdoor exercise - Log Flipping.

Outdoor Fitness: 'Why it's Good'

The beauty of training outdoors.

Run and Rescue
Serious outdoor training. Image from Run and Rescue (video below).
The many benefits of outdoor training.

A Return to Outdoor and Unconventional Workouts

Get Gorilla
Serious outdoor training. Image from Get Gorilla.
The 'use what you've got' approach.

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