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Davie Easton is a tall, hairy, beginner strongman with an epic beard in the making. He is a father to 3 boys and a husband to his awesome wife of 17 years and is from Motherwell, Scotland. Find out more on his blog What Davie Did.

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Ultimate Masters World's Strongest Man 2011

Great competition.

glen log.jpg Photo - Denise Hunt This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Belfast to watch the Ultimate Masters World Strongest Man competition. This took place at the same venue as the Ultimate UK Strongest Man - organised by The Daddy Glen Ross, the World famous Irish strongman.

UK Strength and Power Series

One day, 7 events.

pre compOn Saturday 16th July, I took an 8 hour drive to compete in the UK Strength and Power Series meet in Cardiff, Wales. This is a grassroots strongman competition that I first competed in last year when the competition was set up slightly differently - a one day competition with 7 events. This year sees the competition consist of 3 heats, 3 weight categories and the top 2 from each category going through to the final in October.

Road to Strong

Its only 110kg per hand....

Davie Easton
Yep, that's me.
"Its only 110kg per hand...." That's all I could hear in my head "Its only 110kg per hand. Christ, that's more than I weigh!". The voice had started, but I knew I could shut him up.

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