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Jackie Burgmann is a Personal Trainer, confirmed fitness junkie, and author of the ebook 'Hot at Home'. Find out more over on her blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.

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Gym Etiquette : The Ladies' Section

Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
Hey guys!! When you go to the gym and see ladies in the "big boy" free-weight area, does it frustrate you? Do you feel like maybe we're just in your way at the best of times? Do you wish the ladies would just "go to their own area" to work out?

Visualization : The Vision Wall

Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
No matter what your strength-training goals are, a Vision Wall will help keep you on target.

What Weight Training Can NOT Do For You

The myth of spot reduction.

Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
When I frequent my gym, I never go into the ladies area. I find it just a bit TOO 'lady-like' with its little pink dumbbells and petite machines designed for light lifting, not to mention the ubiquitous and ridiculous 'hip toner' machine.
When I visited my gym a couple of days ago, out of curiousity I wandered through the ladies area just to see if anything had changed in there lately. Sadly, I discovered that nothing has changed since I wandered through there a few years ago. They still have the tiny dumbbells and there was that 'hip toner' machine STILL!!! It is this machine in particular that got me thinking about what strength training / weight training can and cannot do for you, me and everyone else! That 'hip toner' machine reminds me of a huge misperception out there in the world of fitness that a lot of people have about "Spot Reducing". First of all, let me tell you flat out: SPOT REDUCING IS A MYTH! If you have extra fat on your hips, doing a million reps on that 'hip toner' machine will NEVER reduce the fat on your hips. If you have excess flab on your abs, you can do a TRILLION crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts but it will never reduce the fat on your abdominal area. What it WILL do is build up the muscle under the fat in those areas. Therefore, you are actually working towards making an area you are trying to reduce BIGGER!! This is completely counterintuitive to your goal of reduction.

Why I Love To Weight Train

Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
Girlwith Noname explains exactly why she loves throwing the iron around. Love it.

Over-Training & Plateaus

Girlwith Noname
Gains stopped? We'll get them moving again. Photo by NathanFromDeVryEET.
Gains stopped? There may be a good reason to back off a bit. GWNN explains.

Weight Training : Starting Out - What to Expect

Girlwith Noname
A little lat work.
Has weight training caught your eye? Feeling intimidated about getting started? GWNN has a few thoughts.

Getting a Great Workout at Home

The beauty of training at home.

Getting a great workout at home may be simpler than you think - no matter how small your place is. GWNN explains.

Running - How, Where, Why, When

Want to become a runner? Great.

Girlwith Noname
Girlwith Noname.
Want to become a runner? Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

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