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Jason Paris, CSCS is an Atlanta-based strength and conditioning coach and runs Fitness Doctrine, a site dedicated to helping you making your own physical & mental transformation.

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And of course in Gymchats 207 & 236. Fantastic.

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Transformation Techniques V - Nutritional Basics 1 - Energy Requirements

What to eat, and when

We received some fantastic feedback following Jason's Gymchat (#207), cheers. Much appreciated. Jason's kindly agreed to contribute a series of articles looking at this fascinating area in even more detail. This week's is below. cheers, Scott

Want to know how to eat anything you want and still watch your body change (for the better)? It doesn't matter what your goal is either. After you've made your mind up to make a change, it becomes all about nutrition.

Transformation Techniques IV - Myths 2

The Myth-Busting Continues.

Getting your dream physique is a lot of hard work. But it gets a whole lot easier when you have the right plan in place.
Today we're going to begin where we left off last time and go over 5 more common myths that put road blocks in front of our goals and derail our success.

Transformation Techniques III - Myths

Separating Fact From Fiction - 10 Fitness Myths That Prevent Transformations

Getting your dream physique is a lot of hard work. But it gets a whole lot easier when you have the right plan in place.

Transformation Techniques II - Mental Strength

The mental transformation.

This week : the change in character. The mental transformation.

Transformation Techniques - Definitions

Looking to shed some excess fat, and pack on some muscle?

Each week, I'll cover a different aspect of the transformation process: What it is, How to do it, plus a bunch of other tips, tricks, techniques and workout ideas to make the the process as quick and straight forward as possible.
A transformation will mean different things to different people. Some will want to lose the love handles, belly, or man boobs. Others will want a bigger chest, bigger arms, or get toned legs and butt. We'll cover all that. By the end of the series, you'll know everything you need to transform your physique and get the body you want and deserve.

How To Do The Clean Pull

Looking to develop explosive power? Read on.

The clean pull is a variation of the Olympic lift. It starts out identically, but doesn't have the same finish. With the clean pull, you don't take it overhead like you do with the clean and jerk or snatch exercises. Instead, the lift finishes around your mid section or chest area. It looks like a deadlift playing in fast forward.

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