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John Kaiser is a devoted husband and father, and author for Straight to the Bar. He blogs over at Total Transformation Test.

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Visualization: It's not just for Hippies

One of many tools to help you build a better body.

Did you ever sit around wishing there was an effective and totally free way to raise your reps per set and pounds per rep? Well, while you were sitting around wasting your time day dreaming you could just as easily have been visualizing your way to a better body. Don't worry, this isn't feel good new age spirituality, it is simple mind-body connection. Moreover, this isn't The Secret (the latest best selling self-help book); visualization is only one of many tools to help you build a better body.

Eliminating the Lug Nuts: How to Find a Good Trainer

Time to get results.

Dollars and muscles
It's about more than the money.
So how do you find the right trainer for you? Well, it is easier than you think. With a little thought, the right assumptions, and a few questions for your potential trainer, you can vastly increase your chances of signing up with a good personal trainer.

One Set Wonders

Hardcore TrainingHey you! Are you the kind of guy or gal with limited time and limited energy? You are. Good, because I am writing this post just for you! I want to encourage you that you don't need to be ashamed to stop an exercise after just one set. You can achieve great results with one set training. Great results that don't require you to spend 45 minutes to an hour in the gym! Results that won't leave you burned out after only two months of training. Sound good to you? Then read on.

How I Learned to Love Multi-Joint Exercises

Great suggestions.

Franco Colombu, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ken Waller (squatting)Do you want to lose weight? Is your desire to lose weight complicated by an extreme dislike for almost all forms of cardiovascular training? Do you hate running; do you refuse to shell out half a grand for a decent bike; or are you too insecure about your sexuality to do the Denise Austin workout- you know the one, it comes on the Lifetime channel at 7 a.m., err, or so I hear from others? What are you to do?

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