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Kat 'The Mighty Kat' Ricker is a bodybuilder, writer and lover of putting heavy things overhead. Find out more over on her site.

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DIY: How to Build an Olympic Weightlifting Platform

Setting up a home gym?

Completed Olympic Weightlifting platform
Homemade Lifting Platform. Love it.
This is an easy design for an eight-foot square platform that will stand up to your heavy weightlifting for a long time to come. Protect your floor, your weights, and your knees by lifting at home on a proper training platform.

Carl "The Swede" Hayford : A Sweet Moment for the Sweet Science

A champion prizefighter with a record of 46 - 4.

Carl 'The Swede' Hayford
Carl "The Swede" Hayford.
A dream came true for an old boxing salt in Portland, Oregon. At 81, Carl Hayford's fondest wish was to hit the bag again. West Portland Boxing Team made it happen - with style.

Ready for a Virtual Meet?

Would you consider doing a powerlifting or weightlifting meet if it came to you?

Kat 'The Mighty Kat' Ricker
Morning of the meet.
Would you consider doing a powerlifting or weightlifting meet if it came to you? Start considering. Virtual meets are ready for you.

Movie Review : Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Is it still cheating if everybody's doing it?

Bigger, Stronger, Faster
Bigger, Stronger, Faster.
While the director tells you he's tried steroids and is against them, and treats their use as unsavory, he respectfully tells the side of each of his subjects, from athletes who passionately endorse steroids as legitimate performance enhancers to medical patients who endorse them as necessary for survival, to varieties of anti-steroid vigilantes. He's giving you the tenets for intelligent discussion of the issue.

Grrls Mother's Day Fitness Wishlist

Give her something to complement her indomitable strength.

On Mother's Day, it's time to return the favour. She helped out by bringing you up; now help her become strong enough to deal with, well, you.

Interview on the Deadlift with World Champion Christine Neff

And, I'm proud to say, she's my sister.

Christine Neff (formerly Rovnak)World Champion deadlifter Christine Neff (formerly Rovnak) is one of the few women in the world who can deadlift more than 500 pounds. She has been powerlifting for 11 years. She holds world, national and state powerlifting records in various weightlifting classes in various federations. And, I'm proud to say, she's my sister.

Grrl's Valentine's Day Wishlist

Time to get her what she really wants.

Chain my Heart
Chain my Heart.
For Valentine's Day, help her be as strong as your love. Here's a guide to goodies for your beloved fitness-oriented girl - ahem, grrrl - that will keep you at the top of her list.

DIY Band Crossover Rig

The Ultimate way to use bands.

Crossover Rig
Crossover Rig.
A great way to use bands.

Review: Lift with Your Head

Great book.

Lift with Your Head
Lift with Your Head.
Lift with Your Head: The Training and Movement Philosophies of the Physical Subculture is anything but "just one more fitness book" to jam onto the shelf.

DIY Hanging Handles

Psuedo "Rings".

The Setup
The Setup.
Hanging handles are more versatile and less expensive than their glamorous cousin, parallel rings. Here are some ideas for rigging your own set up and getting started with some serious play.

Specific Training for the Transverse Abdominis: Belt It In

Time to tighten up your built-in belt.

Tara Scotti
Tara Scotti.
If you've been doggedly crunching away and still don't want anyone seeing your exposed belly until you're good and ready, training the TA may be exactly what your program needs.

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