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Maik Wiedenbach is an Olympic athlete, personal trainer, and nutritionist. He shares his training wisdom in the 101 Fitness Myths and 30 Secrets for Bigger Arms! ebooks, and the Desk Athlete DVD. Superb.

When not in the gym, he may be found training clients over at Adler Training; and also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Swing on by.

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Calves : How to Build Them

How to build your calf muscles.

Happy Bastille Day

What is the Deal with Red Wine?

Does red wine have any health benefits?

Salt - Friend or Foe?

Undereating salt is just as dangerous as overeating it.

Is salt really harmful?

Bulking - How To Do It Properly

How to put on weight without getting fat.

Lee Priest in the Off Season
Lee Priest in the Off Season.
How to bulk up without getting fat.

Quael dich, du Sau! (Talent Alone Means Nothing!)

The value of putting in the work.

Udo Boelts
Udo Boelts (on the right).
What plays a bigger role in lifting, genes or hard work?

Isopure Protein Powder - My Review

A look at Isopure Low Carb Dutch Chocolate.

My review of Isopure low carb whey protein.

Happy Easter - Now Eat the Whole Damn Egg!

All of the fat, all of the protein.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter.
Whole eggs are better for you.

What is the Best Time to Work Out?

When to hit the gym, and why.

Most Muscular
Most Muscular.
What is the best time of the day to work out?

Cardio on an Empty Stomach - Does it Burn More Fat?

For fat loss, there's nothing like a little cardio to start the day. Or is there?

Cardio_Workouts.jpgDoes cardio on an empty stomach burn more fat?

Is Red Meat Deadly?

A defense.

Will Red Meat kill you? A defense.

Shrugs - The Most Misunderstood Exercise in North America?

There's more to it than you might think.

A new way of looking at shrugs.

World's Stupidest Supplement Ads

Questions to ask when you see the advertisements.

supps.jpgThe empty promises of the supplement industry.

8 Forgotten Bodybuilding Foods

Tried these lately?

8 bodybuilding foods that will help you put on muscle quickly.

The Iron Guru - Vince Gironda

The original low-carb bodybuilder.

Vince Gironda
Vince Gironda.
Vince Gironda, aka the Iron Guru, and his approach to training. Is it still relevant today?

Heavy Duty by Mike it the Holy Grail?

High volume, high intensity.

High Intensity Training a la Mentzer: Does it work and if so, how?

Flexible Dieting

( Or How to Eat Donuts and Still Lose Weight )

How to manage your diet in order to achieve constant fat loss without starvation.

The 10 Best Diet Foods

Or are there Superfoods?


When it comes to diet foods, I consider two things essential:
  1. do they cover your nutritional needs?
  2. how filling are they are?

Is It All Worth It?

Time to shine.

What do you see?
What do you see?
Getting out of bed at 6 am when its pitch black and going to lift with several layers of clothing isn't a lot of fun. Also, it is easier to gravitate toward "comfort foods" than a bodybuilding menu. After all, there aren't many opportunities to show off your physique right now, so why bother? Is it really worth all the sacrifices?

Shopping to Get in Shape - or The Big U


Mmm. Steak.
Mmm. Steak.
As anyone will tell you, preparing your own food is the most crucial step in order to get a lean physique. It all starts with cooking, but even before that, there is food shopping. Since you will always eat what you have at home, it is a must to buy the right things.

I Just Don't Have the Genetics

The role of genetics in training.

Frank Zane
Frank Zane.
How important are they really, and can you succeed with a less than perfect DNA set up?

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