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Matt Hunt is an avid grip enthusiast and personal trainer. He is a certified Mash Monster and has dabbled in strongman, powerlifting, and Crossfit which has brought him much success in the weight room and in life. He is now obsessed with smashing grippers and intends to jump in on the pro circuit of grip within the next year.

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Review : Fixing Elbow Pain


Fixing Elbow Pain
Fixing Elbow Pain. Highly Recommended.
Being an avid gripster and weight lifter, I have experienced pains in various areas of the body. One of the biggest, most annoying areas to experience pain is in the elbow region of the arm; this type of injury can put even the strongest individual out of the weight lifting game regardless of their lifting resume!
The question that is always asked is, "How do I fix this? I haven't lifted in weeks because of the horrible pain!" This is where Jedd Johnson's E-book "Fixing Elbow Pain" comes into play. Jedd focuses on various ways to reduce or even eliminate this pain to get any individual back to the activities they love in no time flat!

DIY : How to Build a Wrist Roller

Looking for a DIY project for the weekend? Have a go at this.

Pipe Dream
Soon to be a wrist roller.
"How do I get my forearms bigger!?!" is a question I hear a lot at the gym and when I talk to clients who are unhappy with the size of their lower arms. What is the answer to the mysteriously huge forearms of the pros? The wrist roller! This is the easiest, most effective (in my opinion) exercises for building forearms like Popeye without all of that crazy canned spinach business (no disrespect towards Popeye of course!).

Grip Training Essentials : Plate Wrist Curls

A fantastic way to work the forearms.

Seated Plate Wrist Curls
Taking a seat on a chair and resting the elbows on the thighs is a great way to perform this incredible exercise.
One very well-known exercise to develop total lower arm strength and size (huge forearms with bursting veins) is the barbell wrist or forearm curl. This exercise can be overloaded to the point where your wrists will just not contract any longer. I have used this exercise in the past in various ways ranging from standing, sitting on an Olympic bench and even with a smith machine and each have provided me with excellent gains as well as an increased grip, benefiting me in real world applications. Well I have an even better exercise that even though along the same lines, will provide you with an increased grip development as well as less weight needed to receive added benefit.

Card Tearing - Stability

Time to get your crimp on.

Crimp grip around the worlds
Crimp grip around the worlds.
Card tearing is by far one of the most well-known feats of strength in the history of strongmen. Picking up a deck, positioning it firmly in the hands and shredding it to pieces is what you will be doing after you read on about some specific components you might have missed... factors that could be holding you back from destroying this tough strength feat!

DIY : How to Build Your Own Tire Sled

Love building your own equipment?

Matt explains how to make that superb strongman tool - the tire sled.

Review : StrongerGrip Loadable Blob

Love it.

Matt checks out the Strongergrip Loadable Blob. Nice one.

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