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Matt Palfrey is a strength and conditioning coach, health and fitness consultant and the founder of the Sandbag Fitness blog - attracting garage-gym trainees from the world over. He believes that training should be simple but effective, and that a no-nonsense approach works best every time.

Matt also shares his training philosophy in books such as The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training and Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports - both highly recommended.

You'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+. And, of course, in Gymchat 206 - Sandbag Training and Gym Chat 218 - Alternative Approaches to Exercise Prescription. Great conversations.

NB : Like to write a guest post for Straight to the Bar? I love hearing about how other people are training. And if you've got a strength-related competition or seminar coming up, add it to the calendar. And if you'd love to be on one of the weekly Gymchats - get in touch. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sandbag Training Protocols

Get the most out of this amazing tool.

Although you can use a sandbag as an alternative to most free weights, there are certain exercises and activities that itʼs better suited to. And to get the very best from this training tool youʼre going to want to make sure you choose the most effective approach. Below youʼll find 2 of the most successful ways to utilise sandbag training as part of your overall strength and conditioning program.

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