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Matt Potak is a wrestling and football coach at the high school level. He is also a personal fitness trainer in the St Augustine, Florida area. He can be reached at m_potak AT yahoo DOT com.

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Another 30 Days Without Weights

Keeping your strength.

Gymnastics. Photo by Wee Minxy.
Bodyweight training can help you get stronger. Matt explains how.

Making Changes : Winning the Gateway Classic

Matt Potak
The result of training by Milos Sarcev.
Matt investigates the Milos Sarcev approach to conditioning. And wins.

Conditioning Circuit for Combat Athletes

Be able to compete for as long as it takes.

Cael Sanderson vs Majid Khodaei
Cael Sanderson (blue) against Iran's Majid Khodaei in the 2004 Olympic Games.
Conditioning always reigns supreme in combat sports. Whether you're a wrestler, boxer or MMA fighter - the person that is in the best shape will always have the best chance to win. Look at any great champion; 99 percent of them are conditioning machines, that can fight all day long.

The Circuit

Pull-upsThis circuit can be done by anyone, at pretty much anytime, anywhere. Its great for GPP, fat loss, overall conditioning, and will benefit you in any sport you compete in. The circuit is intense, but short and effective.

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