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Mike 'The Machine' Bruce is a professional performing Strongman and motivational speaker. Find out more over at his online home.

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The Human Rack Lift

It all starts in The Rack.

Human Rack Lift
The Human Rack Pull.
How do you get the audience involved at a Strongman show? Over to Mike. Love it.

Weighted Climbers' Chins

Ready to seriously build your grip and wrist strength? Have a go at these.

Weighted climber chins
Weighted climber chins.
Climbers' chins are superb - just add weight. Mike Bruce explains.

Building A Neck Of Steel

You can't hide a muscular neck.

Insane neck strength
Insane neck strength.
Why is neck training essential? Over to Mike. Superb.


Yes, that's a 1,500lb rack pull.

1,500lb rack pull
Yes, that's a 1,500lb rack pull. Incredible.
Momentum plays a big part in our ability to move a heavy weight from point A to B. If you are doing a Squat, Dead lift, Partial pull or a heavy press then you must use momentum to assist you in finishing the lift.

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