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Scott Latella has been a professional armwrestler for 20 years, winning 5 New York State Titles, finishing 3rd in the1998 Nationals and forming part of Team USA (who won gold) at the World Championships that same year. He now focuses on sharing fantastic wrist tools with the public.

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Review : NSD Powerball

Up for a challenge?

First question you may have is what are NSD Powerballs?? Well the NSD Powerball is a revolutionary new Gyroscope which literally explodes with mind numbing inertial forces once you activate its internal rotor!

How to Become a Better Armwrestler

Win more often.

Scott Latella
Scott Latella.
So you want to beat your buddy armwrestling but all he ever does is smash your arm thru the kitchen table. Well I'm here to help.

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