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'Unbreakable' Adam Glass is an author for Straight to the Bar, and one of the nicest, most helpful, and freakishly strong guys you'll ever meet.

Find out more about his training through DVDs such as Industrial Strength Grip, and catch him on Twitter & Facebook.

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The Investments VI: Injecting Purposeful Variety

Great variations.

Ross Enamait enjoying a little heavy sandbag work.
Adam takes a look at three superb exercises for adding a little variety to your training. A good read.

The Investments Part V : Impervious Shoulders

The shoulder is vulnerable to many types of injury - usually.

Shoulder. Photo by eyeliam.
This is a fantastic series. In this instalment, Adam takes a great look at the shoulders; rehab if they're injured, protection if they're not. Superb.

Overhand Card Tearing, Bikes Cut the Correct Way

The Technique.

Tearing cards
Completed tear.
How do you tear a pack of cards? Adam explains.

The Investments part IV : Two Brutal Drills to Punish the Arms

Stronger hands, stronger forearms.

Plate Curl
Adam demonstrating the Plate Curl.
If you're looking for serious wrist strength, Adam has a couple of great exercises for you. Superb.

Full Circle with the Get Up

Variations of the TGU.

Chain Get-up
Adam demonstrating the Chain Get-up.
Adam takes a look at several years of solid training with the TGU. Superb.

Why Bend Steel?

Looking for a way to increase both strength and power? Great.

'Unbreakable' Adam T Glass answers the deceptively simple question 'Why Bend Steel?' Superb.

The Investments III : A Look at Training the World's Favorite Muscle Groups

Drills for every athlete, weekend warrior, bodybuilder and strongman.

In part III of the superb series The Investments, Adam takes a look at The Crush Lift. Great exercise.

The Investments Part II

Time for some serious returns.

Chain Get-up
Adam demonstrating the Chain Get-up.
This is the second part of the superb series The Investments by 'Unbreakable' Adam Glass. Love it.

The Investments, Part I : The Zercher and the Suitcase Deadlift

Superb exercises.

Bob Peoples
Bob 'Mr Deadlift' Peoples pulling 680 in about 1949.
Ready to acquire some absolutely brutal strength? This is the first article in a superb series which brings old-time strongman training to the masses. Excellent.

Progressions for Unbraced Short Steel Bending

Love bending and looking for progressive, injury-free training? Adam explains the sequence.

Leverage lifts: A Reverse Engineering Problem Turned to a Breakthrough in Power

The advantage gained by using proper levers.

DeadliftWorld-class gripster Adam T Glass looks at several truly incredible leverage lifts. If you're after seriously powerful wrist, hand and grip strength - this is definitely the place to start. Superb.

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