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7 Years of Straight to the Bar : Contest Sponsors

The companies supporting the '7 Years of Straight to the Bar' competition.

7 Years of Straight to the Bar : The Contest

Open to anyone who's interested in the world of strength training.

5 Years of SttB : Articles

5 Years of SttB : Competition

Entries for the Instructional Video Competition

Instructional Video Competition

Write a Story in 140 Characters

Love Twitter?

Competition : Inspirational desktop wallpaper

Climbing Video Contest

Share your best climbing videos, photos or stories.

What's in Your Gym Bag?

Photograph the contents.

And The Winner Is ...

DIY Equipment Competition : Let the Voting Begin

Ready to make your own? Great.

Can You Skate Like This?

Warning : it's not easy.

Entries for the Home-Made Equipment Competition

The official list.

Competition : Home-made Gym Equipment

Always on the lookout.

Squatting Like a 5-year-old

Apart from the depth, that is.

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