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Straight to the Bar Archives : DIY

Recently in DIY

Home-made gym equipment - instructions and demonstrations.

How to Make an Indoor Climbing Wall (I Like to Make Stuff)

Love it.

DIY Home Gym In A Box

Nice one.

Building an Indoor Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bar

Nice one.

How To Make An Atlas Stone (Slater Stone vs Hybrid Stone)

Fantastic video.

Home-Made Exoskeleton - The Big Test

A DIY exoskeleton that can help increase strength.

DIY Oscillating Bar (For Shoulder Stability and Rehab Work)

Great idea Chris.

Building a Salmon Ladder

Up For a Challenge? Try One of These.

DIY : How to Build a Wrist Roller

Looking for a DIY project for the weekend? Have a go at this.

My Home Gym Story

New space, new possibilities.

Vulcan Lever Attachment for Wrist Strength

Love it.


A great way to get a little grip work.

DIY : How to Build Your Own Tire Sled

Love building your own equipment?

How to Build Your Own Sandbag

Whether it's for the versatility, experimentation or budget constraints - this is the only way to go.

Roman Chair Squat Device

Connect the Goddamned Dots

Pop over and say hi.

Blast from the Past : DIY Equipment II

Homemade Tornado Ball Slam

DIY Plyo Boxes

The 'Hula Hoop'

An early home-made version of the squatting circle.

Swinging a 70lb Mace

Squatting with Wooden Plates

More DIY squat goodness. Nice one.

DIY Climbing Course

Love it.

Versatile 'Squat Stands'

DIY Strongman Yoke

Build your own.

Wide Pommel

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