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Straight to the Bar Archives : Equipment

Recently in Equipment

Kettlebells, sandbags, sledgehammers and a whole lot more.

Exerbell (Travel-Focused Kettle-Shaped-Sandbag)

Interesting idea.

Limbic Active (Physical Gaming Console)

Incredible potential.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (Thermoregulation Add-On For Your Mattress)

Interesting idea.

Pivot Bed (A Folding Bed Which Transforms Into A Home Gym)

Interesting combination.

What are Bumper Plates?

What? Why? How?

Follow Me (Real-Time Posture Trainer)

Interesting device.

Whipr (Travel-Focused Training Machine)

Interesting combination.

Sleep Cycle App Review - Apple Watch Science Test (The Quantified Scientist)

Very interesting look at the Sleep Cycle app on the Apple Watch.

Lumos Ultra (Bicycle Helmet With Inbuilt Lights)

Great combination.

Cardlax 2.0 (Portable EMS Device)

Interesting idea.

OYEET NEX (Portable Massage Gun)

Looks good.

CLMBR (Cardio Machine With Virtual Classes)

Interesting piece of equipment.

Olive Pro (2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds)

I look forward to seeing many, many similar devices.

Earth 2.0 (Jump Rope System)

Looks great.

CTRL (Personalized Golf Training Tool)


Long-Term Review of the Tonal Smart Home Gym (Garage Gym Reviews)

Since we first mentioned the Tonal, there have been a few other entrants into the 'Smart Home Gym' space. Does it still hold up?

STUDIO (Smart Hub For Your Home Gym)

Interesting approach.

SpoonTEK (Taste-Enhancing Spoon)

Interesting idea.

3D-Printing Human Parts - The Future of Our Bodies (Venture City)

Although we've touched on several of these possibilities over the years, it's wonderful to see them all in a single video.

Ghost Pacer (Holographic Training Partner)

Virtual Workout Partner? Yep - for runners, anyway.

Trap Bar Training 2 (Kindle Edition)

Looking forward to it.

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture (Wireless Earbuds With Gesture Control)

Interesting combination.

Carbon Trainer (Smart Mirror With A Virtual Personal Trainer)


Neuralink - Elon Musk's Most Important Company (Steven Mark Ryan)

Really looking forward to the presentation.

MedHub (Smart Medical Intake Adviser)

Interesting idea.

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