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Kettlebells, sandbags, sledgehammers and a whole lot more.

The Upsens Air Pollution Monitor

Very interesting area.

The MeCam NeoMe (Wearable Video Camera)

A great way to record your workouts.

Various Recovery Methods (Including a Brief Review of the NormaTec System)

Plenty of options available when it comes to muscular recovery.

The Mobility Ring System

Interesting idea.

Hypnos Wireless Earbuds

Active noise cancellation, access to various virtual assistants and a 'sleep mode'.

The Upright Go Posture Device

Love the idea of constant monitoring.

Fatbells vs Dumbbells

Great demonstration of the Fatbells at work.


The sleep-tracking goodness continues.

DIY Home Gym In A Box

Nice one.

The StrongerGrip Leviathan

Wonderful combination.

The Matrix PowerWatch

Great combination.

The Pullup & Dip

Great idea.

Pain Cakes

Interesting idea - an adhesive cold pack.

Fireflies (Wireless Earbuds)

Listen while you train.

How To Make An Atlas Stone (Slater Stone vs Hybrid Stone)

Fantastic video.

Home-Made Exoskeleton - The Big Test

A DIY exoskeleton that can help increase strength.

The OMbra (From OMsignal)

A sports bra with inbuilt fitness tracking sensors.

DIY Oscillating Bar (For Shoulder Stability and Rehab Work)

Great idea Chris.

GetStrength Front Squat Harness All-Sport

Looks great.

The Rotater

Brilliant device.

Checking Out : The Mighty Arm Trainer

Very interesting tool.

OBB Power Handles

Very interesting idea.

How to Set Up Bands and Chains

The basic technique.

Checking Out : Onnit 12kg Harpy Legend Bell

You know you want one.

My Home Gym Story

New space, new possibilities.

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