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Kettlebells, sandbags, sledgehammers and a whole lot more.


The sleep-tracking goodness continues.

DIY Home Gym In A Box

Nice one.

The StrongerGrip Leviathan

Wonderful combination.

The Matrix PowerWatch

Great combination.

The Pullup & Dip

Great idea.

Pain Cakes

Interesting idea - an adhesive cold pack.

Fireflies (Wireless Earbuds)

Listen while you train.

How To Make An Atlas Stone (Slater Stone vs Hybrid Stone)

Fantastic video.

Home-Made Exoskeleton - The Big Test

A DIY exoskeleton that can help increase strength.

The OMbra (From OMsignal)

A sports bra with inbuilt fitness tracking sensors.

DIY Oscillating Bar (For Shoulder Stability and Rehab Work)

Great idea Chris.

GetStrength Front Squat Harness All-Sport

Looks great.

The Rotater

Brilliant device.

Checking Out : The Mighty Arm Trainer

Very interesting tool.

OBB Power Handles

Very interesting idea.

How to Set Up Bands and Chains

The basic technique.

Checking Out : Onnit 12kg Harpy Legend Bell

You know you want one.

My Home Gym Story

New space, new possibilities.

Gymchat 165 - Use What's Around You

Making good use of what's available.

A Word of Advice for Training : The Importance of Fundamentals

Understanding the basics.

Gymchat 161 - Belts, Wraps & Straps

How do you use them, and do you need to?

Looking At : Week Ending Mar 11, 2012

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, the Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Fitness Monitoring : Upcoming Nike Sensor Shoes

Incorporating the same shared fitness data ideas as the Fuelband.

Mizuno Wave Enigma Running Shoes Review

7 Health & Fitness Monitoring Devices

Monitoring everything, constantly.

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