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Can You Do 1 Rep? (THENX)

Interesting challenge (and a great way of showing that different people have different strengths and weaknesses).

The 'This Week in Grip' Podcast ('Napalm' Jedd Johnson)

Great show.

The Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification

This looks wonderful.

The Keto Summit

A detailed look at ketosis and ketogenesis.

The Straight to the Bar Strength Calendar

Watching? Competing? We'd love to hear it.

He Jianma Prepares for Record-Breaking Hair Pull

Should be great.

Grip 'n' Rip 2.0

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Virtual Meet : Military Bench, 20-22 Feb 2009

Grip 'n' Rip Strength Demonstration

Time to rip into it.

Virgin Global Row

Grip 'n' Rip 2009

Virtual Weightlifting Meet

World's Longest Wall Squat

World Log Lift Championship

Bandara Targets Treadmill World Record

Skiing to the South Pole?

Now that's dedication.

Dariusz Słowik Breaks World Washing-machine Throwing Record

Ali Farzaneh

Arizona Grip Strength

World Record Sandwich?

Fastest Lunge Mile

A new record.

Summit For Someone 2009

Where climbing meets fundraising.

Bringing the Iditarod Home

Set the DVR.

Five Ten SLC Freerunning Convention

Good stuff.

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