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Straight to the Bar Archives : feats

Recently in feats

Strongmen Benching in Planet Fitness (Brian Shaw)

Nice one.

How Fast is a Two Hour Marathon Pace? (Mike Boyd)

Brutal pace.

Robert Oberst's Biggest Lifts (The Strongest Man in History, Season 1)

Love this show.

Carousel Lift Challenge (From the Show 'The Strongest Man in History')

This is a tribute to Paul Anderson's lift on the Ed Sullivan Show. Fantastic.

Brian Shaw at the Arnold (Injury, and Lifts)

As terrible as it is to see an injury, the response to it (this video and the following one) is wonderful.

Brian Shaw Rolling a Frying Pan (Jujimufu)

I never get tired of seeing this feat. Love it.

The 'This Week in Grip' Podcast ('Napalm' Jedd Johnson)

Great show.

Fit Expo Grip Testing (Jujimufu)

2017 Arnold Strongman Classic - The Timber Carry

Love it.

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Juggling

Much, much harder than he makes it look.

Squatting 25 People (Randy Richey)

A wonderful way to showcase strength.

Hairculese vs Hot Water Bottle

Good stuff Chris (@hairculese).

Juggling With A Punch

Chris 'Hairculese' Rider.

Double Nail Drive

Driving two nails at the same time. Incredible.

Tearing 2,902 Pages

The incredible Strongman Chris Rider.

Crushing Potatoes with Your Hands

The incredible Strongman Chris Rider.

Double Bottom-Up Pressing

Good stuff.

Bikes, Mitts and Plenty of Duct Tape

Deep Dish Hubbing

Nice one.

Zercher Carry

Good stuff.

Weighted Rope Jumping

James Brewster Thomson in action.

One-Armed Push-ups on Inverted Kettlebell

Haven't got your Warrior Ts yet? Grab a kettlebell.

Hittin' the Barz (Wingate Pk)

Love it.

Muscle-up + 53lbs

Grab a kettlebell.

Hub Lifting, OAC and a Fitball Press

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