The Straight to the Bar Guide To Training at Home

Home Gyms, Bodyweight Training at Home, Virtual Classes, Online Training

Stuck at home for a while, and looking to get the occasional workout in? Here's how.

Home Gyms

If you're fortunate enough to have one already, great. If you're just setting one up (or in the planning phase), swing by the guide page. A few things to keep in mind.

Bodyweight Training at Home

No equipment? No problem. Here are several bodyweight-only workouts to consider.

Virtual Classes

A few pieces of equipment (such as the Peloton Cycle, and the HYDROW Rower) afford a pairing of gym gear & virtual classes. Great combination.

Online Training

Finally, Online Training. Think personal training via video. Form review, suggested tweaks, program design and so oon. There are many, many people offering these services, and their skills vary widely.

You'll find a brief list of recommended trainers here.

I sincerely hope these suggestions help. If you've still got questions - or would like to point us to a particular piece of equipment/service, feel free to contact one of the trainers listed above or hit me up directly (all of the details are on the contact page).



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