SttB Guide to Rope Training

Have you got what it takes?

Want to take your conditioning workouts up a notch? Throw in a bit of thick rope work. Love it.

What to get

Seated truck pull at Royal NZ Show.

The equipment is pretty simple. I personally use ropes from a local nautical supplies place; I've also heard good things about these. However you like to shop, a good rope is never too far away.

In terms of rope types/sizes/lengths, I won't attempt to detail all possible combinations here. All of the suppliers listed below have been selling ropes for some time, and are well placed to discuss the options with you. As long as you have room to hang/swing/drag it, you'll be fine.

Where to get it

Rope isn't exactly light, and shipping can really add up when large distances are involved. Accordingly, we work with suppliers all over the world.

Choose the one nearest you, and save yourself a dollar or three.

United States



Additionally, there are several suppliers mentioned here. If you come across another one you're happy with, add their name.

NB : If you're a rope supplier and would like to see your name on this list, let us know.

What to do with it

There are many, many ways to train with a length of rope. Here are a few of my favourites :

MBG Training DVD 2 Pulling: Progressions to Rope ClimbsThere are also a number of superb rope exercises on the MBG DVD. Highly recommended.

Final thought on rope training

I love thick rope work - one of the most enjoyable ways to train. Give it a shot.

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