The Straight to the Bar (SttB) Guide to Sledgehammer Training

It's always hammer time.

Want to take your conditioning and grip sessions up a notch? Throw in a bit of hammer work. Love it.

What to get

Ames 16lb Sledgehammer

The equipment is pretty simple. I personally use sledgehammers from a local hardware store, and I've also used several of the ones available online. As long as they're reasonably hefty and have a smooth wooden handle, they'll be fine.

Depending on the type of workout you had in mind, you may want to get something to hit. Old car tyres are great (and usually free); or anything else that won't break when you strike it repeatedly.

In terms of space, the workouts require more headroom than width. As long as you can swing the hammer comfortably - without damaging anything - you've got all the space you need. If you like the idea of training outdoors, this is the ideal time to start.

What to do with it

There are many, many ways to train with a sledgehammer. Here are a few of my favourites :

Where to find out more

There's actually quite a bit of info (both online and offline) available on hammer training methods, including :

Final thought on sledgehammer training

Sledgehammer workouts are one of the few forms of training I perform daily. Once you try them, you'll quickly see why. Love 'em.

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