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The History of Old-Time Strongmen, Circus Performers, Professional Athletes and a great deal more.

A Brief History of Circuit Training and Peripheral Heart Action (PHA)

How it all began.

The Iron Guru - Vince Gironda

The original low-carb bodybuilder.

Heavy Duty by Mike it the Holy Grail?

High volume, high intensity.

The Strongman of Engine Company 13 - Harry F. Griffin

Performing in 1913.

Australian Strongman Don Athaldo

The man behind 'The Athalding System'.

Maurice Deriaz

Swiss strongman.

Thomas Topham : The First Modern Strongman

Where it all began.

Jaw Lifting : What, Why and How

How to do it the Right way.

Hangers On

A spot of people pressing.

Josh Hanagarne and Adam Glass (Part II)

Say hello.

Stanley 'Stanless Steel' Pleskun

From the upcoming film Strongman.

Pleasure Spiked with Pain : Training for the One Finger Lift

With certain feats comes the assurance of pain. And a challenge.

Alexander Zass Carrying Horse

Getting to Know : Chris Rider

A truly amazing guy.

The History and Future of Standard

Intense bursts.

The Many Types of Blobs

Ready for a challenge?

Interview on the Deadlift with World Champion Christine Neff

And, I'm proud to say, she's my sister.

The Inch Dumbbell

The history of this incredible piece of equipment.

Great Sources of Training Information

Old Strength-Training Books.

Thomas Inch


Lifting the Dinnie Stones

Superb photos of Strongmen over the past century or so.

The Hack Squat

Wonderful exercise.

Ed Zercher

Unusual, but highly effective.

David Belle

Maurice Tillet

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