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Straight to the Bar Archives : interviews

Recently in interviews

We've noted some superb interviews over the years, both here on Straight to the Bar and elsewhere.

Aging Research in the Age of COVID-19 (Brent Nally and Dr Aubrey de Grey)

Very interesting conversation.

The Tim Ferriss Show #252 - The 'Meathead Millionaire' - SuperTraining's Mark Bell

Love this show.

KC MITCHELL - Lost a Leg in Combat, Still a Monster

Great conversation.

Blueprint to Cut (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Fascinating insight.

Interview with Maik Wiedenbach on Good Day NY

Very interesting indeed.

Getting to Know : Personal Trainer Vic Magary

Inspirational guy.

Double Kettlebell Workouts: For the Best of Both Worlds

An interview with Strength Coach Troy Anderson.

10 Questions With Greg Everett

Incredible guy.

Josh Hanagarne and Adam Glass (Part II)

Say hello.

Todd Carmichael

The Black Prince

Getting to Know : Chris Rider

A truly amazing guy.

Geoff Thompson Interview

Nice one.

9 Minutes with Louie Simmons

5 Minutes With Jim Wendler

Good stuff.

Mike Mahler Interview

Dan Buettner Interview

Into 'The Blue Zone'.

He built his company on a very firm handshake

Interview with Renaldo Nehemiah

Eric Cressey Interview

Interview : PunchKickChoke chats with Neal 'Phrost' Fletcher

Brad Pilon Interview

Good stuff.

Interview on the Deadlift with World Champion Christine Neff

And, I'm proud to say, she's my sister.

Interview with Steven 'The Bringer' Birdsong

Interview with Pat Rigsby

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