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Sledgehammer Challenge for Charity

Ready to see some serious conditioning work?

Keeping the Conversation Going : The Return of Comments

Got a thought?

The Rise of Iraq's Gyms

Plenty of the heavy stuff.

Street Flips Motion Capture Lab and School of Tricking

Tricks, flips, and breakdancing.

TASC Offering Accessible Sports


Jason Lewis - Home After 13 Years

An incredible journey.

2007 Olympia Results

Powerlifting Keeps Airmen Fit

A focus on fitness.

Bigger Brains, Better Genes

Exercise and a clean diet really are good for you.

We're Back.

Away for a Week

The Danger of Living Large

"He Could Do The Iron Cross When He Was 5 Months Old".

Liam Hoekstra.

Pistorius Allowed to Compete

Definitely a good thing.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Older Men

What? When?

Kids as Clients for Personal Trainers

Canada's First Ambulance for Obese Patients

A great move.

The Road to Everest

Absolutely not.

Sergo Chakhoyan Banned for Life

Sad end to a wonderful career.

Cutting Down on Trans-Fats

Enough is enough.

The Iceman Climbeth

Wim 'Iceman' Hof.

Penny Farthing Championship

Naked Sundays

Boxing Orangutans Finally Going Home


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