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The 'This Week in Grip' Podcast ('Napalm' Jedd Johnson)

Great show.

The Tim Ferriss Show #266 - Favorite Books, Supplements and Technologies

Great list.

The Tim Ferriss Show #252 - The 'Meathead Millionaire' - SuperTraining's Mark Bell

Love this show.

The Tim Ferriss Show #250 - Myers-Briggs, Diet Mistakes, and Immortality

Love this show.

Dom D'Agostino on the Tim Ferris Show

How the pursuit of size and strength impacts the pursuit of longevity.

No Holds Barred

I love stuff like this - Eddie Goldman's podcast on boxing and MMA.


A podcast by, for and about Powerlifters.

Mike Robertson Podcast

Time to load up the iPod.

The Rest of Everest Podcast 95

The beginning of the Annapurna IV expedition.

The Shortest of the Tallest

Episode 90 of the Rest of Everest podcast.

Forever Fitness Podcast

Not bad at all.

The Great Outdoors Podcast

Load up the iPod.

The Rest of Everest 86

Great video.

Superhuman Radio

Fitness Rocks

Searching for new listening material? Check out the Fitness Rocks podcast.

Faber and Pulver Podcasts

New Episode of Grip Strength Radio

Tips for Running With Dogs

HIM Training

The Rest of Everest

Great podcast.



Inside the Cage Radio

The FightWorks Podcast

Great listen.

Mario McKenna Sensei on The Applied Karate Show

Great interview.

Takedown Radio

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Kat 'The Mighty Kat' RickerOf course, if you're not quite sure what to get (maybe it's for a spouse/sibling/friend who's ready to 'get in shape') we can help you there too.

No matter what sort of training they're in to, we've got a few suggestions. And if you're looking for something specific, we'll help you find out where to get it. Just leave a comment on any of the posts listed below.

Specifically :

And there's also the full list of the fitness-focused books, DVDs & equipment we've looked at over the years : Reading

NB : if you're still not sure what to get, there's always the option of buying them a gift card. There are certainly plenty of options; Amazon's still my favourite. And for a complete list of everything we use and recommend, swing by the reviews and reading areas. As well as the Straight to the Bar Store, of course. It's all in there.

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