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What's on the Fitness Shelf? Quite a lot actually.

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URGOnight (Brain Training For Sleep)

Interesting idea.

MyGrams ('Phone-Based Portable Scale)

Interesting combination.

Hush Iced (Sleep-Inducing Blanket)

Interesting combination.

Bowhead (Smart Personalised Supplement Dispenser)

Looks great.

Louis Cyr - L'homme le plus fort du monde (Louis Cyr - The strongest man in the world)

Looks great.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 (Self-Charging Fitness Watch

Looks great.

Balanx (EMS Training Suit)

Interesting idea.

Cybershoes (Virtual Reality Footwear)

Great idea.

RIDM (Fat & Muscle Tracking)

Interesting device.

Dinosaur Strength and Power Courses (PDFs)

These look great.

Fasciawear (Workout Clothing)

Interesting idea.

KEYTO (Breath Analyser & Mobile App)

Interesting idea.

The Drive Podcast (Peter Attia, MD)

Sounds like a fantastic mix.

Atmotube 2.0 (Portable Air Pollution Monitor)

Interesting idea.

Altifarm (Indoor Herb Garden)

Interesting idea.

DreamOn (Sleep 'Watch')

Interesting idea.

Sated Keto (Meal Replacement Shake)


HYDROW (Live Outdoor Reality Rower)

This looks great.

Lessons 3 & 4 of David Webster's 'The Complete Physique Course' [Kindle Edition]

The goodness continues.

The 'This Week in Grip' Podcast ('Napalm' Jedd Johnson)

Great show.

Ascent (Whey Protein Powder)

Looks great.

Meyko (Medication Reminder for Children)

Interesting idea.

Lessons 1 & 2 of David Webster's 'The Complete Physique Course' [Kindle Edition]

Looks great.

The Mighty (Portable Streaming Music Player)

Looks great.

The PR2 (Band Deadlifts Platform)

Looks great.

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