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What's on the Fitness Shelf? Quite a lot actually.

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A Ketone Ester performance drink.

Dragon Door Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

40% discount.

Athena Roar

Love running when you travel? Add one of these.

Anchor Point Training's 'Unbreakable' Bands

These look great.

The Blazepod

A great way to put yourself to the test.

The Tim Ferriss Show #266 - Favorite Books, Supplements and Technologies

Great list.

The Modius Headset

Vestibular stimulation for fat loss.

The QLIPP Tennis Sensor

Interesting idea.

The Immortal Strength Harness and Water-Fillable Club

Superb combination.

The Concept2 BikeErg

Looks good.

The HearScope Smartphone Otoscope

Very interesting combination.

The Torch M1

Great idea.

The Upsens Air Pollution Monitor

Very interesting area.

The Tim Ferriss Show #252 - The 'Meathead Millionaire' - SuperTraining's Mark Bell

Love this show.

The Tim Ferriss Show #250 - Myers-Briggs, Diet Mistakes, and Immortality

Love this show.

The UrbaNext Wheel

Rechargeable, and entirely self-contained.

The MeCam NeoMe (Wearable Video Camera)

A great way to record your workouts.

The Mobility Ring System

Interesting idea.

The Upright Go Posture Device

Love the idea of constant monitoring.

The Master Method Course [Kindle Edition]

Looks great.


The sleep-tracking goodness continues.

Get Strong

Looks great.

Beginner Grip Training (Videos)

Just beginning your wrist (and finger) strength journey?

Dorian Yates on High Intensity Training, Injury Prevention, and Building Maximum Muscle

Tim Ferriss' chat with Dorian Yates.

The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook - Volume I [Kindle Edition]

Perfect combination.

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