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What's on the Fitness Shelf? Quite a lot actually.

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Bello (Handheld Bodyfat Tester)

Looks great.

TEMPEST (Personal Weather System)

Looks great.

Snowfeet II (Attachments That Turn Shoes Into Skis)

Interesting idea.

GyroPalm (Gesture-Control Smartwatch)

Interesting combination.

REBO (Smart Bottle)

Very interesting idea.

Peter Attia's Upcoming Book

Really looking forward to it.

HardstyleFit Kettlebell Level One Course (Dragon Door)

Great course.

MONKII 360 (Portable Workout Setup)

Looks great - especially for travel workouts.

NeoRhythm (Neurostimulation Headband)

Interesting idea.

Swytch (eBike Conversion Kit)

This looks great.

ChopBox (Smart Cutting Board)

This looks great.

The Triage Kit (First Aid And Gear Repair)

This looks great.

'The Dinosaur Files' for Oct 2019

I love these.

Handy Gym (Portable Inertial Trainer)

Interesting idea.

Fridge Eye (Smart Fridge Camera)

Very interesting idea.

Eve - A Trainer, Dietitian & Coach in Your Pocket (AI Personal Trainer)

Very interesting combination.

My Quarter Century in The Iron Game [Kindle Version] (Sig Klein, John Wood)

And yes, his training continued well past that point.

ecoKeto (Vegan, Keto-Focused Nutritional Supplement)

Interesting combination.

Intake (Magnetic Nasal Band)

Interesting device.

Dinosaur Arm Training [Kindle Version] (Brooks Kubik)

A great way to dive into the 'Dinosaur' world.

Dullo Pillow (Neck Relief Pillow for Back, Side Sleeping)

Remember the 'sleeping on your side' video from a few weeks ago?

Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ (Battery-Powered Portable AirCon)

Love training outdoors?

Dr Pocket (Portable TENS Massager)

Interesting idea.

Parásole 2.0 (Recovery Footwear)

Interesting idea.

Custom 'Maces' (StrongerGrip)

These look great.

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