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What's on the Fitness Shelf? Quite a lot actually.

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The Rogue Fitness Sandbags

These look great.

Prepdeck (Food Preparation Assistant)

Interesting idea.

FATBAR (Low Carb, High Fat Pre-Workout Bars)

Always on the lookout for new protein bars, and these look great.

'The Dinosaur Files' for May/June 2018

I love these.

The iQsquare Cycling Power Meter

Looks great.

SPT2 (Wearable GPS Tracker for Team Sports)

Looks great.

Silentmode (Music-Enabled Sleep Mask)

Very interesting combination.

Luft Qi (Portable Air Purifier)

Interesting idea (though I do have a few questions ... ).

Bala Bangles (Wearable Weights)

Interesting idea.

Professional Heavy Duty Abdominal Roller

The 'King of Ab Wheels'.

Perk (Caffeine Bracelet)

Interesting idea.

INBair O2 (Oxygen Purifier)

Interesting idea.

SQRDUP (Alignment Tool for Golf)

Interesting idea.

'The Mighty Atom' Movie

Finally getting a chance to watch this. Looks great.

The DCT (Dynamic Contraction Technique) PROFLEX

Interesting device.

The DynoSense Adore Scale

Very interesting combination.

EvoWheel eBike Conversion Kit

Looks great.

Dreamlight Sleep Mask

Looks good.

SitTight - Balanced Active Sitting Chair

Interesting idea.

Steve Pulcinella's Iron Sport Strength Method [Kindle Edition]

Great read.

PiCO Air Quality Monitor

Looks great.

Bear Squeeze (Meal Replacement Shake)

Interesting combination.

The Search for Greatness

This looks great.

ONE SMARTDIET Bodyfat Measurement Tool

Very keen to test this one out.

The Radius™ F1 - Smart Bike Light


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