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Straight to the Bar Archives : Reading

Recently in Reading

What's on the Fitness Shelf? Quite a lot actually.

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Earth 2.0 (Jump Rope System)

Looks great.

Stemoscope PRO (Wireless Stethoscope with in-built Noise Cancellation)

Looks great.

CTRL (Personalized Golf Training Tool)


VAE (Energy Spray)


Hela Bio (Wearable Sweat Glucose Smartwatch)

Looks great.

STUDIO (Smart Hub For Your Home Gym)

Interesting approach.

SpoonTEK (Taste-Enhancing Spoon)

Interesting idea.

Skill Board (Balance Board)

Deceptively simple.

Ghost Pacer (Holographic Training Partner)

Virtual Workout Partner? Yep - for runners, anyway.

Intriex (Metabolism Tracking Device)

Very interesting idea.

Trap Bar Training 2 (Kindle Edition)

Looking forward to it.

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture (Wireless Earbuds With Gesture Control)

Interesting combination.

nimbleToes Trail Addict (Trail Running Shoes)

These sound great.

Move It Swift (Smart Boxing Gloves)

Interesting idea.

Carbon Trainer (Smart Mirror With A Virtual Personal Trainer)


POUCHPASS (Constant Temperature Monitoring Wearable)

Looks great.

August of Arms 2020 (Training Program)

This looks great.

UCAN SuperStarch (Energy Powders and Bars)

These sound great.

Bouncing Back (Book)

Sounds great.

MedHub (Smart Medical Intake Adviser)

Interesting idea.

Amazfit ZenBuds (Sleep-Focused Earbuds)

These look great.

OYO Nova Gym (Portable Training Equipment)

Nice and heavy.

LMP S2 (Reusable Protective Face Mask)

Nice one.

MAPS Capstone Challenge (Studying The Use Of MDMA To Help Treat PTSD)

Love it.

OTARI (Interactive Workout Mat)

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