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What's on the Fitness Shelf? Quite a lot actually.

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Altifarm (Indoor Herb Garden)

Interesting idea.

DreamOn (Sleep 'Watch')

Sated Keto (Meal Replacement Shake)


HYDROW (Live Outdoor Reality Rower)

This looks great.

Lessons 3 & 4 of David Webster's 'The Complete Physique Course' [Kindle Edition]

The goodness continues.

The 'This Week in Grip' Podcast ('Napalm' Jedd Johnson)

Great show.

Ascent (Whey Protein Powder)

Looks great.

Meyko (Medication Reminder for Children)

Interesting idea.

Lessons 1 & 2 of David Webster's 'The Complete Physique Course' [Kindle Edition]

Looks great.

The Mighty (Portable Streaming Music Player)

Looks great.

The PR2 (Band Deadlifts Platform)

Looks great.

An Unusual Source of Protein : Cricket Flour


TUWAN (Anti-Snoring Pillow Pad)

Interesting idea.

Lumen (Nutrition Monitor)

Keen to try one of these.

AirSelfie2 (Small Camera Drone)

Interesting idea.

Coolala (SolarPowered Portable Air Conditioner)

Making outdoor works a whole lot more enjoyable in the summer months.

The Rogue Fitness Sandbags

These look great.

Prepdeck (Food Preparation Assistant)

Interesting idea.

FATBAR (Low Carb, High Fat Pre-Workout Bars)

Always on the lookout for new protein bars, and these look great.

'The Dinosaur Files' for May/June 2018

I love these.

The iQsquare Cycling Power Meter

Looks great.

SPT2 (Wearable GPS Tracker for Team Sports)

Looks great.

Silentmode (Music-Enabled Sleep Mask)

Very interesting combination.

Luft Qi (Portable Air Purifier)

Interesting idea (though I do have a few questions ... ).

Bala Bangles (Wearable Weights)

Interesting idea.

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