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If you've ever wondered just how to get started in the world of grip training, biphasic sleep, eating well or anything else related to health & fitness - we're here to help. These guides will walk you step-by-step through the process. And yes, they're all free.
Sieg Klein
Siegmund Klein demonstrating Exercise #4 in his Super Physique course.


Considering a new piece of equipment? Wondering exactly how to use it? It's all here. And of course, the big one :
Taking a Nap
Just Resting.


If you ready to transform your body, your workouts or your lifestyle - you've come to the right place. Dive in.

Product Reviews

There have been a number of product reviews posted on this site over the years; these are just a handful of my own favourites. Enjoy.
Want even more? No problem. Grab the free Strength Kit, come and join us on Twitter, or perhaps in one of the weekly Gymchats. If it's in the world of strength-training, we'll be talking about it.


The Gymchats are weekly discussions on a range of strength-training topics. Quite apart from being fascinating discussions in their own right, they're a lot of fun.

Started back in Feb 2009 by Scott Bird, they were initially held on Twitter (and called 'Twitterchats'). In Aug 2011 they moved to Google+, and were renamed 'Gymchats'.

In Sep 2012 we started doing video versions of the Gymchats, hosted by Personal Trainer 'Captain' Kirk Fontaine. These take the form of a Google+ Hangout, and are subsequently stored on Youtube for later viewing.

In Sep 2013 Josh Hewett joined the team, co-hosting a number of Gymchats as well as helping to schedule future interviews and roundtables. If you'd like to appear on the show (either for a one-on-one interview or as part of a group discussion), just drop him a line.

How the Gymchats Work (and How to Take Part)

These discussions take the form of interviews with various fitness professionals. In addition to the questions asked by Kirk/Josh directly, everyone else on the Hangout is able to fire in their own on the topic being discussed.

It's a great blend.

To find out the topic & URL each week, all you need to do grab the Strength & Fitness Newsletter (part of the Straight to the Bar Strength Kit), and you'll receive all the details. And as a bonus, you'll also receive tips on strength-training technique, unusual exercises and a whole lot more.

As for taking part, well there are three ways (depending on whether you want to be on the show, or just watch). Here are the details.


This site - Straight to the Bar - has been around for an incredible 10 years (the first post was on Jan 17th, 2004), and to say I'm grateful is a gross understatement.

Here are the authors who've helped make this possible. Thank you.

'Captain' Kirk Fontaine

'Captain' Kirk Fontaine is a Personal Trainer In Cleveland, Ohio, Ex.Sci Graduate, Marine Corp Veteran and Bodybuilder in Training.

He's also the Community Manager of the Straight to the Bar Community over on Google+, and interviews various trainers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts in the weekly Gymchats. If you're a fitness professional and would like to take part in one (or know of someone who should), drop him a line.

Find out what he's up to on Google+, Twitter and the Dictated Journeys of a Personal Trainer site. Swing by.

'Unbreakable' Adam Glass

'Unbreakable' Adam Glass is an author for Straight to the Bar, and one of the nicest, most helpful, and freakishly strong guys you'll ever meet.

Find out more about his training through DVDs such as Industrial Strength Grip, and catch him on Twitter & Facebook.

Adam (Low Tech Combat)

Adam blogs at Low Tech Combat, bringing together Self Protection, MMA, RBSD, Martial Arts and Conditioning into the one place.

You can also catch up with him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Adam Steer

Adam Steer is a Head Coach in the Circular Strength Training® system and co-author of the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution e-book. He also trains private and small group clients through his Quebec City company, Momentum Training, and spreads the word about CST’s health-first paradigm through workshops in Singapore, Australia, Washington State, New York City and Philadelphia.

Follow Adam on Twitter and have a chance to win a free Intu-Flow DVD set and Mini-Clubbells®.

Adam Stoffa

Adam Stoffa is a lover of Italian food, German beer and an exceedingly healthy lifestyle inbetween. Find out more about his fascinating blend of fitness and food over at Strength Exercise Eat.

You can also catch up with him on Twitter and Facebook.

As well as Twitterchat 106 - Recovery : Improving Monophasic and Biphasic Sleep. Great conversation.

Al Heinemann

Al Heinemann trains clients at Vancouver's Terminal City Training. Keep up with his training approach and ideas on his blog, and catch him on Twitter & Facebook.

Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is a personal trainer based in New York, New York; and the author of superb books such as We're Working Out: A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness (review), Raising the Bar : The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics and Pushing the Limits! Total Body Strength With No Equipment (or you can grab the entire collection for a 50% discount).

Swing by his blog for regular updates on bodyweight strength-training, conditioning, and nutrition. You'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Instagram. And, of course, in Gymchat 223 - Progressive Calisthenics. Fantastic conversation.

Alex Eriksson

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Anabolic Health, a men's health blog dedicated to providing honest and research backed advice for optimal male hormonal health. Anabolic Health aspires to become a trusted resource where men can come and learn how to fix their hormonal problems naturally, without pharmaceuticals. Check out his guide on 50 Foods That Boost Testosterone and follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

Alfred Page

Alfred Page certainly loves grip training; with an impressive collection of blobs, grippers and other fun things. Perfect.

Alice Mackenzie

Alice Mackenzie is a serious fitness enthusiast who loves to write on health, fitness and diet. You can find her at

Amanda Kephart

Amanda Kephart is a strength coach based in Akron, Ohio. To work with Amanda directly (and to find out more about her training approach), head over to Strength Coach Amanda.


Anthony is a confirmed kettlebell junkie, enjoying everything from light cardio workouts to putting some serious weight overhead. Find out more at the Fitness Shop site.

Bill 'Body By Long' Long

Bill Long is the creator of Body by Long blog, a look at Tactical Training and many forms of grip work. Perfect.

Find out more via Twitter and Facebook.

And, of course, in Gymchat 145 - Running. Great conversation.

Bob Garon II

Bob Garon blogs at Garon Kettlebell Training and encourages you to Train Hard - Train Smart - Set Your Own Standard.

Brett Kasa

Brett Kasa can be found over at the Boxing Bag Store, and - as you can no doubt see - loves a solid dose of MMA. Superb.

Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee is passionate about many forms of strength training, and knows what it takes to build overall fitness and become a superior athlete. You'll find more of his work in the Muscle Building Mastermind ebook, and on

Chris Rider

Chris Rider is a professional performing Strongman who enjoys an incredible range of old-time strength feats. Find out more at his online home, and on Twitter.

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a professional Strength Coach, and enigmatic author of training articles.

Chuck Halbakken

Chuck Halbakken is a kettlebell instructor, gym owner and one of the strongest guys you'll ever meet.

Swing by his blog for his thoughts on strength, and details of a truly extraordinary gym.

Conor Doherty

Conor Doherty is an Educator, Personal trainer, and sports-obsessed fitness-enthusiast. He shares his training wisdom in the Complete Hockey Training System, and at his group training sessions in Ontario, Canada.

Find out more at Star Factory Fitness and Facebook.

And, of course, in Gymchat 199 - Stretching & Warming Up & Gymchat 228 - In-Season Training for Hockey. Great conversations.

Cristian Stanciu

Cristian Stanciu lost over 50 pounds through intermittent fasting, weight lifting and cardio. You can check out his transformation on Gainsthetics and follow him on Instagram.

Subscribe, reach out to him with the subject line “Promo Client” and take your chance at winning a free online coaching service. Limited offer!

Dan Hardisky

Dan Hardisky is a long time fan of the iron, and an author for Straight to the Bar.

Find out how he got started here, and follow his current training over on his Facebook page.

Davie Easton

Davie Easton is a tall, hairy, beginner strongman with an epic beard in the making. He is a father to 3 boys and a husband to his awesome wife of 17 years and is from Motherwell, Scotland. Find out more on his blog What Davie Did.

And on Twitter & Youtube. Swing by.

Dean Coulson

Dean Coulson is a strength and conditioning Coach as well as an avid martial artist & qualified self protection instructor (British Combat Association). Find out more in books like The Fit Formula, magazines such as Martial Arts Illustrated and The Lean Warrior course. And of course, his own site

You'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+. Swing by.

Derek 'D-Rock' Peruo

Derek Peruo, CSCS, is the owner of Renaissance Fitness, an exclusive personal training service based in New York City. He shares his training philosophy via magazines such as Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Men's Health. And of course Straight to the Bar.

Dominic Andriacchi

Dominic Andriacchi is the owner and author of the Athlete Resource Center, a website designed to help athletes of all ages improve their athletic performance, academics, visibility, and to connect with other athletes.

Doug Fioranelli

Doug Fioranelli is a strength coach and owner of the Rise Above performance gym. Follow his own training on his blog The Weight of the World.

Ferris Stith

Ferris Stith runs the annual Bikini Challenge, and is an author for Straight to the Bar.

Frank DiMeo

Frank DiMeo is the owner of CrossFit Gulf Coast, and is an experienced trainer, speaker, author, fitness advocate, and seminar presenter. Find out more on his latest training and ideas at Frank DiMeo's Dewussified Fitness.

And, of course, in Gymchat 243 - How to Improve Your Pull Ups, Gymchat Bites- Sled Training & Gymchat 262 - Learning from Experts Outside of Your Discipline. Great conversations.


GoodyGirl77 is a mother of two, a life-long supporter of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and perhaps the most dedicated lifter you'll ever meet.

Take a look at her training log and you'll see what I mean.

Greg Schnese

Gregory Schnese is the Web Producer at; an instructional video community focused on fitness and wellness.


Gubernatrix blogs at, and is on a mission to find the best in all-round strength training.

Follow her training on Twitter and Facebook.

Jackie Burgmann (Girlwithnoname)

Jackie Burgmann is a Personal Trainer, confirmed fitness junkie, and author of the ebook 'Hot at Home'. Find out more over on her blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.

James Dotson

James Dotson is a martial artist, runner and seriously strong guy. Come and say hello.

James Jackson

James Jackson is a fitness obsessed writer from California. He's been studying the science of weightlifting for more than 5 years, and is obsessed with hacking the mind and body.

To learn more about James and what he gets up to, swing by - product reviews, interviews, and workout guides. You'll also find him on Twitter & Google+.

Jason Kirby

Jason Kirby is a Personal Trainer and author for Straight to the Bar.


Jason Paris

Jason Paris, CSCS is an Atlanta-based strength and conditioning coach and runs Fitness Doctrine, a site dedicated to helping you making your own physical & mental transformation.

Jason can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

And of course in Gymchats 207 & 236. Fantastic.


JC is the creator of the fitness resource JCD Fitness. If you can appreciate a relaxed, no BS approach to training and diet, then you may find his ideas about the fitness lifestyle to be very practical and applicable.

Jedd 'Napalm' Johnson

Jedd 'Napalm' Johnson is a name synonymous with grip strength, and he has been training, sharing and competing with these skills for many, many years.

To acquire some serious grip strength yourself, head over to The Grip Authority and check out his superb ebooks and DVDs.

One of our favourites - Fixing Elbow Pain - takes a very thorough look at banishing elbow injuries completely. If you've ever experienced something like Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow, you'll understand just how incredible that is. Fantastic.

Jedd blogs over at The Diesel Crew, and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Swing by.

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson is a fitness writer and serves as a coach and contributor for Powerful Peacemaker and Basic Instinct Fitness. You can keep up with his latest endeavors on Twitter (@BasInsFitness) and catch him on the sidelines of a variety of basketball courts and soccer fields all over southern New Jersey.

Jen Mulhall

Jen Mullhall is a Personal Trainer and Strength Athlete and working in Ontario, Canada. In addition to the physical aspects of both areas, Jen coaches clients on the 'Mental Toughness' aspects of lifestyle change and sports success.

Find out more on her site Thrive 365, and on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google+.

And, of course, in Gymchat 225 - How to Master the Inner Game. Great conversation.

Jessica Ruane & Brett Kasa

Jessica Ruane is a writer and blogger specializing in topics such as self-defense, crime, and other areas vital for personal safety. Find out more over on Google+.

Brett Kasa can be found over at the Boxing Bag Store, and - as you can no doubt see - loves a solid dose of MMA. Superb.

Joe Hashey

Joe Hashey is a CSCS through the NSCA, owner of Synergy Athletics and author of the superb Bull Strength manual. Take advantage of the Synergy Athletics Free Newsletter by signing up at the website. All subscribers get instructions on how make a 3 inch independently revolving thick bar, a free athlete training report, and an insight into Bull Strength!

John Cammidge

John Cammidge has been lifting, learning and sharing for more than 10 years. Find out more over at

He can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Swing by.

John Frieser

John Frieser is a CSCS through the NSCA and co-owner of Synergy Athletics in Endicott, NY. Take advantage of the Synergy Athletics Free Newsletter by signing up at the website. All subscribers get instructions on how make a 3 inch independently revolving thick bar, a free athlete training report, and an insight into Bull Strength!

John Kaiser

John Kaiser is a devoted husband and father, and author for Straight to the Bar. He blogs over at Total Transformation Test.

Jordan Vezina

Jordan Vezina is a strength trainer in Palo Alto, CA and maintains a site at He enjoys Fat Tire Ale, and thinks you will too.

Joseph Green

Joseph Green is editor-in-chief and owner at NutraBulk. NutraBulk specializes in the best high quality of bulk supplements for the benefit of everyone’s health. He is also very passionate about researching and writing on various health issues. Be sure to connect with Joseph on Twitter and Facebook for more great health, wellness and fitness information.

Josh Hanagarne

Josh Hanagarne has an undeniable obsession passion for grip training. When not re-adjusting his bun and telling people to shush, you'll find him over at World's Strongest Librarian. And, of course, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Josh Henkin

Josh Henkin is a Strength and Conditioning coach, serious basketball fan and the man behind the Ultimate Sandbag. Superb thing.

For more of his training, ideas and seminars, swing by his blog, Twitter (@joshhenkin) and Facebook page.

Josh Hewett

Josh 'Do It With ...' Hewett is a personal trainer, strength coach and competitive strength athlete. He’s also host of the weekly Straight to the Bar Gymchats. Come and say hello.

Josh shares his training wisdom in the form of truly incredible articles, videos and books such as Get Lean. You'll also find him on Facebook (both here and here), Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Google+.

And if you'd like to work with Josh directly (he seriously is a fantastic trainer), I highly recommend his online services. Fantastic.

Justin Andrushko

Justin Andrushko is currently attending the University of British Columbia where he is studying Human Kinetics. He is a certified Specialist in Strength and Conditioning through the ISSA, and plays Running Back for the UBC Thunderbirds. He played high school football for the Ballenas Whalers where he was named the Conference and Provincial All-Star Teams’ Offensive MVP. He still holds all school records in scoring and rushing yards. Away from the field Justin has spent time as a guest coach at several football camps and clinics.

Justin blogs over at Andrushko's Training Program, and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Swing by.

Karsten Jensen

Karsten Jensen is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Ontario, Canada. He's also the author of books such as The Flexible Periodization Method, Best Butt on the Beach and The Magnificient 35.

Swing by his blog for regular updates on strength-training, conditioning, and program creation.

You can also find him on Google+, and in discussions such as Gymchat 190 - Olympic Lifting, Gymchat 224 - The Future of Fitness (Roundtable) and Gymchat 240 - Periodization.

Kat 'The Mighty Kat' Ricker

Kat 'The Mighty Kat' Ricker is a bodybuilder, writer and lover of putting heavy things overhead. Find out more over on her site.

Kelly Mills

Kelly Mills blogs at Fitness Fixation, That's Fit, and Babble; and is an author for Straight to the Bar.

Kevin 'Sgt Sweaty' Miller

Kevin 'Sgt Sweaty' Miller is a fan of all things heavy (especially when it comes to strength training), and of physical culture in general. Find out more at his online home - Sgt Sweaty.

Kira Robert Clarke

Fight Geek is a self-proclaimed Muay Thai tragic, Anthony Mundine Fan and unabashed Essendon supporter. Find out more over at his online home.

Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher is a physical culture renaissance man, and serious fan of some rather unusual feats of strength. Swing by his blog at

Logan shares his training wisdom in the form of truly incredible articles, books and videos such as You'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+.

And of course in Gymchat 237. Fantastic.

Maik Wiedenbach

Maik Wiedenbach is an Olympic athlete, personal trainer, and nutritionist. He shares his training wisdom in the 101 Fitness Myths and 30 Secrets for Bigger Arms! ebooks, and the Desk Athlete DVD. Superb.

When not in the gym, he may be found training clients over at Adler Training; and also on Facebook and LinkedIn. Swing on by.


Dan Lapic has turned outdoor training into an art form; combining bodyweight training with stone, log, rope and odd-object work. Find out more over on USA Jungle Gym.

Mark Konen

Mark Konen is a long-term fan of Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, kettlebell-training and the Green Bay Packers. It's an excellent mix. Find out more at MarkFu's Barbarian Blog.

Marla Laubisch

Marla Laubisch writes about her progress with the obviously-similar activities of lifting and painting on her blog Weight and Paint.

Matt Hunt

Matt Hunt is an avid grip enthusiast and personal trainer. He is a certified Mash Monster and has dabbled in strongman, powerlifting, and Crossfit which has brought him much success in the weight room and in life. He is now obsessed with smashing grippers and intends to jump in on the pro circuit of grip within the next year.

Find out more over at Matt's blog, and catch up with him on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy.

Matt Palfrey

Matt Palfrey is a strength and conditioning coach, health and fitness consultant and the founder of the Sandbag Fitness blog - attracting garage-gym trainees from the world over. He believes that training should be simple but effective, and that a no-nonsense approach works best every time.

Matt also shares his training philosophy in books such as The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training and Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports - both highly recommended.

You'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+. And, of course, in Gymchat 206 - Sandbag Training and Gym Chat 218 - Alternative Approaches to Exercise Prescription. Great conversations.

Matt Potak

Matt Potak is a wrestling and football coach at the high school level. He is also a personal fitness trainer in the St Augustine, Florida area. He can be reached at m_potak AT yahoo DOT com.

Matthew Denos

Matthew Denos PhD is a biologist and fitness enthusiast. On his website, he reviews medically studied diet plans, and provides information about fitness equipment. Check his review of TRX, an innovative training solution invented by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. Matthew follows the science in the field of resistance training and nutrition and enjoys writing articles explaining the new research findings in the fascinating world of fitness. Matthew has conducted academic research for over 10 years exploring human physiology. Since joining the inspiring Straight to the Bar community Matthew has reinforced his goal to gain 10 pounds of muscle.

Max Misch

Max Misch has competed in various strength sports, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of brutal objects. Good fun.

Swing by his main site, and follow his training on YouTube and Facebook

Max Shank

Max Shank is a personal trainer based in Encinitas, California. Find out how to become obscenely strong and check out his own training at Strong as Hell, and on Twitter & Facebook.

Mehdi Hadim

Mehdi Hadim is the author of, a blog helping you build muscle and lose fat through strength training.


Methuselah blogs about his thoughts on the Paleo diet over at Pay Now, Live Later and shares his extremely creative training over at Train Now, Live Later. An incredible blend of serious stone lifting, gymnastic and free weight work. Excellent.

Mich Cahlon

Mich Cahlon is an author for Straight to the Bar. She blogs at Maspik Teruzim (Enough Excuses).

Michael Amos

Michael Amos is programmer, author and serious grip fiend. See what he's up to over at Anvil or Hammer, and catch up with him on Facebook and Google+. Enjoy.

Mighty Joe Musselwhite

Mighty Joe Musselwhite is a Texan Strongman and Arm-wrestling Champion, with a passion for all forms of hand and forearm training. Find out more over at his training log.

You'll also find him over on Youtube.

Mike 'The Machine' Bruce

Mike 'The Machine' Bruce is a professional performing Strongman and motivational speaker. Find out more over at his online home.

Parth Shah

Parth Shah is a Strength Consultant based in New Hyde Park, New York and is currently going through his own personal physique transformation. Find out more at Shah Training.

Patrick Ward

Patrick Ward is the owner of Optimum Sports Performance LLC. He holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA and a Performance Enhancement Specialist with the NASM. He is certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) for the upper extremity and is a few weeks away from completing the necessary requirements to be licensed as a massage therapist in the state of Arizona (where he currently resides). He has worked with athletes and general population clients of all ages and abilities on both exercise programs and soft tissue therapies. For more information on Optimum Sports Performance, please check out the OSP site.

Additionally, Optimum Sports Performance hosts a free online forum covering strength and conditioning, sports performance, health and human performance, nutrition and injury prevention.

Rachel Albert-Matesz

Rachel Albert-Matesz is a freelance food and health writer, healthy cooking coach, cooking instructor, natural foods chef, and author based in Phoenix, AZ. She is co-author of the award-winning book, The Garden Of Eating and author of The Ice Dream Cookbook. Find out more at The Healthy Cooking Coach blog.

Ray Hulm

Want to see what a long-term passion for training looks like? Say hello to Ray Hulm.

Rick Walker, CSCS

Rick Walker is a competing powerlifter, blogs at There's Something in the Basement and is an author for Straight to the Bar.

Rob Pilger

Rob Pilger has been involved in boxing as a fighter and now trainer for over 17 years. He currently trains fighters at the Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy (OSFSFA).

Robert Lucarelli

Robert Lucarelli is a former wrestler, DIY equipment enthusiast and one of the strongest guys you'll ever meet. Find out more over at his blog, Bareknucle Boxing.

Rory Hickman

Rory Hickman is a graphic designer, lover of strength and author for Straight to the Bar.

Ryan Pitts

Ryan Pitts is a performing old-time strongman and manufacturer of the world's toughest grip tools. To see exactly how he trains - and to pick up some great gear in the process - swing by the main site (, his blog and YouTube channel. Superb.

Sam Cox

Sam Cox is the owner and founder of Fearless Training Systems, dedicated to providing world class coaching to athletes who are hungry to be the top in their sport.

Sandy Sommer

Sandy Sommer is a kettlebell instructor, serious football fan and someone who is generally obsessed by fitness.

Scott Andrew Bird

Scott Andrew Bird is a writer, photographer and a guy who just loves this stuff. He's been at home in front of a computer for more years than he cares to remember (OK, 37) and is now making amends for years of many mistakes noted in the De-constructing Computer Guy articles (part 2) on T-Nation.

Find out what he's up to via Twitter, Facebook, the Daily 'Paper'; and of course his online home. Enjoy.

Scott Latella

Scott Latella has been a professional armwrestler for 20 years, winning 5 New York State Titles, finishing 3rd in the1998 Nationals and forming part of Team USA (who won gold) at the World Championships that same year. He now focuses on sharing fantastic wrist tools with the public.


Sue blogs at; mainly about fitness and health, and getting them to work with your life.

Tamara Wysell

Tamara Wysell is a writer and lover of fitness and health. In her free time she loves to run and write freelance for

Tanya Ryno

Tanya Ryno is a film & television producer, an author for Straight to the Bar, and can occasionally be found at

Todd Goldfarb

Todd Goldfarb blogs at We The Change and is an author for Straight to the Bar.

Tracy Panetta

Tracy Panetta is a writer, virtual assistant and the driving force behind Fitness 'n' Health. You'll find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Troy Anderson

Troy M. Anderson is the owner of Anderson Training Systems, and author of packages such as the superb Alpha Kettlebell Fitness Program.

You'll also find Troy online on at:

America's #1Kettlebell Fat Loss Training Program
Kettlebell Workouts on Facebook
FREE Kettlebell Workouts Community
SttB Forums and much, much more.

Vic Magary

Vic Magary is a blogger, fat loss expert & dog lover; dedicated to helping people get in the best shape of their lives. Keep up with him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

As well as Gymchat 136 - Heavy Training after a Break. Great conversation.

Will Williams

Will Williams is a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.

Yael Grauer

Yael Grauer is a freelance writer and BJJ practitioner living in the Midwest. She writes regularly for the Performance Menu and MMA HQ.

You'll also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Zach Even-Esh

Zach Even - Esh is a Strength & Performance Coach located in Edison, NJ & is the owner of The Underground Strength Gym. Zach co authored the ebook 'Grip Experts' and hosts the most passionate show dedicated to old school strength training which can be found at Underground Strength Show.

You'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google+.

And, of course, in Gymchat 217 - Underground Strength Training . Great conversation.


It's safe to say that there are a lot of articles on this site. The most recent are in the Articles and Weekly Summary categories; I've also listed some personal favourites below. Dive in.

    DIY Equipment

    Ready to build your own? It's a great way to try new forms of training.

  1. DIY Gym Gear : How to Make Your Own Clubs - Scott Bird
    Build your own. Good fun.
  2. Making your own gym equipment : DIY grip tools - Scott Bird
    You want a grip tool that does what? Make one.
  3. How to Build Your Own Sandbag - Derek 'Body By D-Rock' Peruo
    It's easier than you may think.
  4. DIY: Home-made Gym Equipment (part II) - Scott Bird
    Build it yourself.
  5. DIY: How to Build an Olympic Weightlifting Platform - Kat Ricker
  6. DIY Hanging Handles, psuedo "rings" - Kat Ricker
    Brilliantly simple.
  7. The Sled - Fight Geek
    Extremely creative.
  8. How to make your own bumper plates on a budget - Mehdi
    Quick, simple and inexpensive.
  9. How to Make a Rack-Mounted Wrist Roller - Rory Hickman
    Love your wrist work? Same here.
  10. How To Make an Adjustable Slosh Pipe - Joe Hashey
    Light weights, nice and challenging.
  11. Fattening Up the Chin-up Bar - Scott Bird
    A great way to thicken up any bar at all.
  12. The Fat Bar - Max Shank
    Incredibly simple, incredibly brutal.
  13. Let the voting begin - Scott Bird
    There were some brilliant entries in the DIY Equipment Competition.
  14. Old-Time Strongman Techniques

    Fantastic to watch, learn and do.

  15. Bare-Handed Nail Driving Basics - Ryan Pitts
    Want to learn how to drive a nail through a board with your bare hand? Here's how.
  16. Blast from the Past : The Forgotten Lifts (part II, III)
    Although these lifts aren't often seen in commercial gyms, they're absolutely superb. Give them a run.
  17. Tearing A License Plate - Chris Rider
    Yep, that's as hard as it sounds. Superb.
  18. Unusual Goals Require Unusual Measures - Jeff Wilson
    How do you train for something like this?
  19. The Human Rack Lift - Mike 'The Machine' Bruce
    You've got to see this.
  20. Jaw Lifting : What, Why and How - Ryan Pitts
    Training, technique and just a dash of determination.
  21. Pleasure Spiked with Pain : Training for the One Finger Lift - Jeff Wilson
    A superb feat - if a little painful.
  22. Building A Neck Of Steel - Mike 'The Machine' Bruce
    So you want a strong neck? It's actually quite simple.
  23. Hands, Wrists & Forearms

    This is where the fun (and real strength) begins. Love it.

  24. Nails : Converting imperial to metric - Scott Bird
    Next time you pop down to the hardware store, take this.
  25. Why Bend Steel? - Adam T Glass
    Simple question, great answer. Point your non-bending friends here.
  26. Straight to the Grip Contest (part II, III, IV, V and VI) - Jedd Johnson Getting ready for your first grip contest? Here's what to expect.
  27. The Many Types of Blobs - Jedd Johnson
    What's a Blob, and where did it all begin?
  28. Lifting the Inch Replica Dumbbell (part II, III, IV and V) - Jedd Johnson Want to train with a replica Inch? Here's how.
  29. Shot Tossing for Dynamic Grip Strength - Jedd Johnson
    Shot tossing? Great fun.
  30. Hammering Strength into the Wrists (part II)
  31. Leverage lifts: Reverse engineering turned to a breakthrough in power - Adam T Glass
    These lifts are downright fun.
  32. Free Weights

    The 'normal' things you'll see in the gym.

  33. The Step-up : a Real Squat Alternative? - Scott Bird
    Squats are undoubtedly key, but have you tried heavy step-ups lately?
  34. Holding the bar in the Front Squat - Scott Bird
    There are many ways to hold the bar.
  35. Bars, Plates, Hooks and Collars - Scott Bird
    Ready to hit the garage sales? Here's what to look for.
  36. A Little Yoke Work : 10 Exercises for a Bigger Neck - Scott Bird
    Traps maketh the man.
  37. Buyers' guide : the Power Rack - Scott Bird
    Ready to buy a rack? Here are a few things to keep in mind.
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  50. Conditioning

    Time to get the sweat flowing.

  51. Why Conditioning is King - Dean Coulson
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  52. Evolution of Sandbag Training (Part II)
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  56. Recovery

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  62. Diet & Nutrition

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  67. Other

    There's always a new way of looking at it.

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