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UCAN SuperStarch (Energy Powders and Bars)

These sound great.

The Straight to the Bar Community on Google+

Love talking about strength-training? Same here.

Looking At : Week Ending Mar 4, 2012

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, the Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.


Enter the calories you wish to consume on a given day, it'll produce a set of suggested meals that meet that goal.

CJS Fitness

Pop over and say hi.

Dan's Muay Thai MMA

Love a dose of Muay Thai? So does Dan.

Connect the Goddamned Dots

Pop over and say hi.

Matt Brouse

Strongman and serious grip enthusiast.

Sniper Performance

A solid dose of Strongman training.

Back to Form Fitness

Keith Scott's online home.

VeloCity : Plan Your Cycling Trips

Time to do a little planning.

Origin of Energy

Outdoor workouts next to Sydney's beautiful Bondi Beach.

Light Entertainment : Wrestling, Blood & Fluorescent Tubes

Very, very strange.

Speed Bag Resources

Great site.


John Peterson's hub on isometric training.

Nutrition Data

Like to know a little about what you're eating?


Strength training for Ultimate Frisbee.

Society for Barefoot Living

Not as crazy as it sounds.

Fizzycal Fitness

Unusual bodyweight exercises, great names.

Monster Circus

Blending '70s/80s/90s rock with a range of human circus acts and freakshows.

MMA Fighting

News from the world of MMA.

Find MMA Gyms

Find your local.

Sarah Outen

Rowing solo across the Indian Ocean.

Better Human

Fitness with a definite combat focus.


A great read.

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