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Looking At : Apr 22, 2012

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Exercise in Healthy Older Adults

The Effects of Music Tempo

Better Sleep, Better Memory

Hunger Can Make You Happy

Learning to Juggle At Any Age

The Smell of Coffee

Even rats enjoy waking up to it.

All In The Mind?

Extra Sleep Improves Athletic Performance

Does Fasting Help Prevent Jetlag?

The Number of Fat Cells Remains Constant

Fat Cells Die and Are Replaced

The Effects of Training in a Fasted State

The Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction

Tattoo Vaccination


Fasting-Induced Changes

Is it Ever Too Cold to Exercise?

Stretching May Increase Strength

Feeling Tense? Try a Spot of Meditation

Alternate-Day Fasting

Another look at 2 green tea studies

Heart Attacks Down Following Smoking Ban

Not bad at all.

Spiderman suit may not be that far away

Exercise 'Must Be Tough To Work'

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