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Fix ANY Shoulder Problem (Trevor Bachmeyer)

Time for a little prehab work.

Sissy Squats - Good Or Bad For Knees? (FitnessFAQs)

Keen to hear your thoughts.

The BEST Pull Up Training EVER (Trevor Bachmeyer)

After watching the video, I agree entirely.

How To AWAKEN Your Glutes (Redefining Strength)

Great information.

10 'Rules' For Calisthenics (FitnessFAQs)

Great information.

Old-Time Strongman Training with Bud Jeffries (Stick Mobility Podcast #28)

Nice one.

Movement Training Explained - Ido Portal, Animal Flow, and Primal Workouts (The Bioneer)

A wonderful glimpse at an oft-overlooked area of training.

What To Eat/Drink During Your Next Ultra (Courtney Dauwalter on the Spartan Endurance Podcast)

A fascinating glimpse into Courtney's nutritional intake during a race.

Pillars of Fitness - Types of Fitness Everyone Should Train For (The Bioneer)

Very interesting look at the major areas of fitness - key to a 'well-rounded' approach.

Do This Between EVERY Set for More Muscle Growth (Athlean-X)

The incredible power of measurement.

Do This Stretch First Thing EVERY Morning (Athlean-X)

Another one for the morning routine.

Top 5 Mass-Building Exercises For Faster Growth (Musclemonsters)

Just starting out? Here are a handful of exercises to pack on a bit of muscle quickly.

The 'Right' Way to Grip The Bar (Jeff Cavaliere)

Elbow pain when lifting? These changes make a huge difference.

The Key to SuperHuman Strength (Michael Eckert)

Interesting approach.

5 Tips for Easier Pull Ups (Marine Sgt Michael Eckert)

Nice one.

Doctor's Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep (Dr Mike Varshavski)

I'm a huge fan of sleep as a recovery method.

Intermittent Fasting - How it Affects Sleep (What I've Learned)

The various sleep-related impacts of IF.

The 10 Greatest Home Exercises of All Time (Athlean-X)

No home gym available? Try some of these.

Everything You Need to Know About The Coronavirus Pandemic (David Sinclair on Health Theory)

A detailed look at the current pandemic, how to respond, and how to prevent it from happening again.

6 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Coronavirus (Medlife Crisis)

If all of the closures and cancellations have got you down, take a look at this.

Strength Standards - 'How Strong Should I Be?' (Alan Thrall)

Great information.

Do This After Every Workout (OfficialThenX)

Great idea.

David Sinclair on Intermittent Fasting (Modern Wisdom Podcast #066)

Got questions on both Intermittent Fasting and longevity? Great.

The Secret to Aging in Reverse (David Sinclair on Health Theory)


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Fridge & Current Training (Men's Health)

Nice one.

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