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Strength Standards - 'How Strong Should I Be?' (Alan Thrall)

Great information.

Do This After Every Workout (OfficialThenX)

Great idea.

David Sinclair on Intermittent Fasting (Modern Wisdom Podcast #066)

Got questions on both Intermittent Fasting and longevity? Great.

The Secret to Aging in Reverse (David Sinclair on Health Theory)


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Fridge & Current Training (Men's Health)

Nice one.

How To Begin Training (Without Equipment) At Home (Thenx)

As much as I love the home gym, it's always great to see how easy it is to get started without one.

How To Lift Atlas Stones (Rob Orlando)

Great explanation.

Push-Up Technique (Thenx)

Great explanation.

How to Get Bigger Biceps ('Athlean-X')

Great information.

The Origins of the Food Pyramid ('Today I Found Out')

Very interesting area.

The Ideal Position for Sleep ('What I've Learned')

Some great tips for getting some quality shut-eye (still my favourite recovery technique).

How To Deadlift Properly (Eddie 'The Beast' Hall)

There are some great tips in here. Nice one.

How To Train For Mass (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's approach to training. Nice one.

The Importance of Core Strength (ThenX)

Nice one.

Sleep is Your Superpower (Matt Walker)

Great information.

Hierarchy for the Olympic Lifts (Catalyst Athletics)

Great information.

Building Strength, Muscle or a Bit of Both (Omar Isuf)

Very interesting approach.

Garage Gym Tour (Meg Squats)

I love seeing how other people train.

How To Master The Turkish Getup (Meg Squats)

Great explanation.

The Fastest Way to Big Biceps (Athlean-X)

Very interesting ideas.

Heavy Weights vs Light Weights for Big Biceps (Athlean-X)

Time to grow.

Lean vs Strong (Omar Isuf)

Can you ever be too lean? If you care primarily about strength, yes.

Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting (Thomas DeLauer)

I get a lot of questions on Intermittent Fasting - here's a full guide on how to go about things.

Staying Lean Year-Round (Athlean-X)

Great advice (apart from the initial list, of course).

The Ideal Workout Split - For You (Athlean-X)

Not growing as quickly as you could?

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