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Videos of training, feats and competitions involving all kinds of strength athletes.

Staying Lean Year-Round (Athlean-X)

Great advice (apart from the initial list, of course).

Brian Shaw Rolling a Frying Pan (Jujimufu)

I never get tired of seeing this feat. Love it.

The Ideal Workout Split - For You (Athlean-X)

Not growing as quickly as you could?

Looking At : Nov 18, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Facebook, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

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Altifarm (Indoor Herb Garden)

Interesting idea.

Improving Brain Health, Reducing Dementia Risk (Max Lugavere)

Great information.

How to Fix Wrist Pain (FitnessFAQs)

Great information.

The Psychological Approach to Rapid Fat Loss (Gravity Transformation)

Great information.

How Long Should You Be Resting Between Sets? (Gravity Transformation)

Great information.

4 Lat Pulldown Variations (Athlean-X)

Nice one Jeff.

Looking At : Sep 30, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Google+, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

Calisthenics Strength 'Rules' (Calisthenicmovement)

Great Information.

Arnold Schwarzenegger : Heavy Training at 71 (Gym Nation 2.0)

After the surgery, straight back into it.

Looking At : Sep 16, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Google+, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

Heavy Lifting at 6'6 (Jujimufu)

Love it.

Fit Expo Grip Testing (Jujimufu)

How to Make an Indoor Climbing Wall (I Like to Make Stuff)

Love it.

Calisthenics Progressions (Calisthenicmovement)

Great information.

Grip Strength Exercises for Wrists & Forearms (Criticalbench)

A very solid start.

Looking At : Aug 12, 2018

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Nuzzel and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Hollow Body Hold (& Variations) vs Sit-ups (Calisthenic Movement)

Interesting exercise.

Performing the Barbell Row (Alan Thrall)

Nice one.

AirSelfie2 (Small Camera Drone)

Interesting idea.

The Pseudo Planche Pushup & Variations (Austin Dunham)

Nice one.

Building A Bench Press Station From A Tree (Buff Dudes)

A slightly different take on outdoor training.

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