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Videos of training, feats and competitions involving all kinds of strength athletes.

Circular Smart Ring (Fitness-Tracking Wearable)

Looks great.

The PERFECT Home Workout (Athlean-X)

Stuck at home? Here's a simple equipment-free workout to keep the gains coming.

FoldEat (Food Storage & Eating Mat)

Looks great.

6 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Coronavirus (Medlife Crisis)

If all of the closures and cancellations have got you down, take a look at this.

VR Fitness Games 2020 (Brian Lovett)

This is certainly an interesting area - VR Fitness Games. Somewhere between gaming and a full training session.

Free 40 Minute Intu-Flow® Routine (Tacfit)

Looks great.

DNA Manipulation in Living Subjects (Isaac Arthur)

This is a very interesting look at an area we've discussed briefly several times on this site, and is now becoming tantalisingly close - the ability to manipulate DNA in living humans.

Looking At : Mar 1, 2020

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Facebook, Twitter, in The Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Jself (Massage Pillow)

Looks great.

What I Learned From Parents Who Don't Vaccinate Their Kids (Jennifer Reich)

A very positive way to look at the anti-vaccination issue, long term.

Accusage Thermo 7 in 1 (Hot & Cold Massage Wrap)

Interesting idea.

Guardian XO Exoskeleton (Sarcos Robotics)


Vie Zone (EEG earphones)

Interesting idea.

Training Like The Worlds Best Endurance Athletes (Stephen Seiler)

A very interesting approach.

Echelon Row (Rowing Machine With Connection To Virtual Classes)

Interesting combination.

Fighting Pandemics - Vaccinating Vampire Bats (TEDMED)

A very interesting way to tackle pandemics.

Pandemic - How to Prevent an Outbreak (Netflix Documentary Series)

Great series.

Using AI To Build A Better Human (The Age of AI)


BP Doctor (Health-Tracking Smartwatch)

Interesting idea.

Healed Through AI (The Age of AI)

A fascinating look at AI and the medical side of things.

Bello (Handheld Bodyfat Tester)

Looks great.

Neuralink - Merging Man and Machine (Aperture)

A brief look at the incredible potential of Neuralink.

TEMPEST (Personal Weather System)

Looks great.

Stem Cells With Naz (LifeXtenShow)

Interesting area.

Snowfeet II (Attachments That Turn Shoes Into Skis)

Interesting idea.

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