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Louis Cyr - L'homme le plus fort du monde (Louis Cyr - The strongest man in the world)

Looks great.

'The Mighty Atom' Movie

Finally getting a chance to watch this. Looks great.

Dragon Door Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

40% discount.

The Silver Bullet DVD

This looks great.

The Intuitive Flow 'Daily Double'

This looks great.

Kettlebell Fundamentals (Valery Fedorenko)

This looks great.

Elite Athletic Development 3 Seminar DVDs (Mike Robertson)


Reading/Watching/Listening To in 2015

What's on your fitness shelves?

Looking Forward To : Jedd Johnson's Inch Dumbbell DVD

Really looking forward to this one.

Clubbell 5x5

Looks great.

Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee in 'Enter the Dragon'.Fantastic. I was lucky enough over the weekend to re-watch all of the Bruce Lee movies (as well as a couple of the more recent documentaries); with my favourite still being Enter the Dragon. Love that film. If it's one you've never seen, definitely give it a run. Quite apart from the '70s charm, it's a superb display of Lee's incredible abilities. Enter the Dragon.

Straight to the Bar 2012 : Strength-Training Resources

We've noted a number of superb resources in the newsletter this year. Here are a few personal favourites.

Keg Conditioning

Getting the most out of this incredible tool.

Bare-Handed Nail Driving Basics

Ready for a serious challenge?

Ageless Mobility

Time to get moving.

New to Kettlebell Training?

Start here.

It's Just Pain.

Love it.

Ice-Skating Skills and Drills

Looks great.

Free FlowFit DVD

Live in the US? Like a free copy of the FlowFit DVD? Head over to Make America Stronger (this forum post explains what it's all about). An incredibly generous act.