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Robert Oberst's Biggest Lifts (The Strongest Man in History, Season 1)

Love this show.

Carousel Lift Challenge (From the Show 'The Strongest Man in History')

This is a tribute to Paul Anderson's lift on the Ed Sullivan Show. Fantastic.

Brian Shaw Rolling a Frying Pan (Jujimufu)

I never get tired of seeing this feat. Love it.

Hairculese vs Hot Water Bottle

Good stuff Chris (@hairculese).

Re-Reading : Card Tearing eBook

A fantastic place to start.

Three Technique Corrections for Tearing Your First Deck of Cards

Ready to get tearing?

Lift Weights? So What!

Time to get serious.

Hangers On

A spot of people pressing.

Deep Dish Hubbing

Nice one.

Shin Kicking

Very, very strange.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 20 Jun 08)

Another great week at Straight to the Bar.

I Can't Feel My Face

World Record Attempt.


Strongman Louis Uni.

Slackline Flip


Deadlifting Kids

An excellent way to demonstrate strength.

Sword Swallowing X-Rays

Easily the strangest thing I've seen all day.

Not Your Average Steel Bending Video

Not bad at all.

On a Pogo Stick?

Breaking records in a particularly unusual way.