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Building Strength, Muscle or a Bit of Both (Omar Isuf)

Very interesting approach.

Looking At : Dec 30, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Facebook, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

NB : if you'd like to be one of the Moderators for any of the above sites, let me know.

Dinosaur Strength and Power Courses (PDFs)

These look great.

Looking At : Oct 7, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Google+, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

Lessons 3 & 4 of David Webster's 'The Complete Physique Course' [Kindle Edition]

The goodness continues.

Performing the Barbell Row (Alan Thrall)

Nice one.

Total Fitness Bodybuilding Video Chat (Lee Hayward)

Another great Q&A series - this time with the incredible Lee Hayward.

Learning How To Program, 5/3/1, Managing A Gym (Alan Thrall)

Great information Alan.

Pivot Blocks, and Fixing The Good Morning Squat (Alan Thrall)

Great information Alan.

AlphaDestiny Q&A (Alex Leonidas)

There's some great information in these videos.

Using DIY Strongman Equipment with Clients (Alan Thrall)

Very interesting area (and yes, I agree entirely).

How To Properly Train To Lose Fat (Omar Isuf)

Great information.

AutoRegulation & RPE (Silent Mike)

Interesting area.

A Guide To Your First Powerlifting Meet (Alan Thrall)

Great explanation.

Training Older People with ZERO Experience

Nice one.

Assistance Exercises and the Spectrum Of Specificity

Nice one Alan.

The Paused Squat

What, how and why.

How to Pick Stuff Up (Mark Rippetoe)

It might seem incredibly simple, but if your training includes stones/logs/odd objects; watch this video.

The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook - Volume I [Kindle Edition]

Perfect combination.

Road to the Arnold 2017 -- Hafthor Björnsson

The insanely strong Hafthor Björnsson.

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