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Derek Poundstone

Derek and the Axle.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 8 May 09)

Great week here.

Axle Deadlift, Inverted Sledge Walk & Hub Lifting

Another great clip from the guys at Animal Strength.

Grip Training Day

Here's another glimpse of Adam's grip training - a superb mix. Especially the short axle. Love it....

Mighty Joe's Grip Lair

Mighty Joe's Grip Lair. Following last year's carnage, Mighty Joe has assembled a superb grip corner in his workout shed. Note the home-made 2" V-Bar and 2" axle. Excellent....

345 Axle Clean and Jerk

Continental Clean & Jerk with a 345lb axle. Nice one....

Nick McKinless

Returning to the deadlift with a 250kg axle pull.

Things Which Deserve More Attention : Forearm Training

This month's collaboration with Run to Win's Blaine Moore - Things which deserve more attention - continues with a look at one of my favourite areas of training, the forearms.

Backyard Bastard Bash 2007

Great competition.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 27 Jul 07)

A hectic week here on Straight to the Bar, with the following appearing amidst the home renovation work : Articles : The Science of Sport took a prescient look at heart attacks in athletes, Mich took us back to her...

Rob Orlando Axle Press

Nice one Rob.

DIY Equipment Ideas

Stuck for ideas? Try these.

DIY: Home-made Gym Equipment II

The DIY fun continues.

Pull Like A Strongman

Time to test yourself.