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Video for Gymchat 245 - Grip Strength (Jedd Johnson)

Superb conversation on Grip Strength. If you're ready to get seriously strong, watch this.

Video for Gymchat 240 - Periodization (Karsten Jensen)

Thanks again to everyone who watched and sent in questions for the discussion Gymchat 240 - Periodization [with Strength Coach Karsten Jensen, joined by Personal Trainer (and Strength Athlete) Josh Hewett] - much appreciated. If you haven't seen it yet (or simply want to go over a particular point again), here's the entire video.

Gymchat 232 - Self-Hypnosis For Strength Gains (Jen Mulhall)

Jen Mulhall.Self-Hypnosis. Is it possible, and what are the potential benefits as far as strength gains are concerned? This week we'll be discussing this area in detail, examining the thinking behind it, and the way to make use of it in your own training. Taking us through the entire process are Personal Trainers (and Strength Athletes) Jen Mulhall and Josh Hewett. If you've got questions/comments for Jen or Josh, just swing by the event page for this Gymchat (during the discussion itself). Details below.

Gymchat 231 - Fat Loss 101 (Vic Magary)

Looking to get rid of some excess baggage?

Video for Gymchat 227 - The Tempo Matrix (Karsten Jensen)

How fast?

Looking At : Jul 21, 2013

What we were talking about this week : on Google+, Twitter, and the 'Paper'

My Home Gym Story

New space, new possibilities.

3 Things You MUST Know About Sandbag Training

The Ultimate SandbagThese 3 'rules' (guidelines really) outline the importance of a serious, progressive strategy for your sandbag work; as well as describing how to achieve exactly that. Good stuff.

Part 2: Kettlebell, TRX, & Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Hurt Shoulders and Pulled Hamstrings

The videos.

Top 7 Hamstring and Shoulder Injury Recovery Exercises

It's not IF, it's WHEN.

Upcoming Twitterchats

Swing on by.

7 Years of Straight to the Bar : The Contest

Open to anyone who's interested in the world of strength training.

Book Review : We're Working Out

A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness.

Diesel Steel Bending Basics

Ready to get started? Great.

Jaw Lifting : What, Why and How

How to do it the Right way.

Review : Functional Correction Manual

An invaluable resource.

Another 30 Days Without Weights

Keeping your strength.

The Bodyweight Aficionado's Guide to Gear

A few extras that can add a whole lot of possibilities.

Push-Up Variations

One-armed Dive Bomber Push-up. (video demonstrations below).Looking for great strength-training exercises you can do anywhere? Vic demonstrates several of the many push-up varieties available. Nice one.

TGIF : Weekly Round-Up (WE Fri 19 Dec 08)

A great week here on Straight to the Bar.

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