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The DCT (Dynamic Contraction Technique) PROFLEX

Interesting device.

Calves : How to Build Them

The forgotten muscle.

Fix Your Body with a Foam Roller: The Basics

Learn the correct way to use this wonderful tool.

Diamond Calves and Old School Exercises

Diamonds.Christian Thibaudeau takes a look at training the muscles you've probably forgotten about - the calves. This article is well worth a look for the 'Odd Lifts' section alone. Nice one....

TGIF : Weekly Round-Up (WE Fri 3 Oct 08)

Kimbo.A great week here on Straight to the Bar. The highlights :...

The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

Why? Glad you asked.

From Losing to Lifting

An incredible journey.

The 8-Week Calf Blitzkrieg

Chad Waterbury takes a look at calf training. If you're like me, the calves get worked as a by-product of other exercises. Time to give them some direct attention....

Hypertrophy Routine

6 brief sessions per week.

Back to 4 Days per Week

I've decided to switch back.

'Til the calves come home

My calves seem to have been overlooked recently, which as some might point out, isn't particularly difficult given their current stature. Fortunately they'll be just one of the winners when I return to a 4-day-per-week routine, commencing this week. I'm...

New Routine

Down to 3 sessions per week.

Cool of the Evening

The superb summer weather today seemed to delight the thousands of tourists shuffling along the Royal Mile, and it managed to persuade me to do a little shuffling myself and engage in a cool evening workout. The cooler air allowed me to slightly increase the tempo, and I worked through a similar pattern to last friday with the addition of a bit of calf work (the calves seem to have been forgotten a bit lately) and a little more ab work. Always a fun way to finish things off.

Back on the Box

Having had a luxurious 2 hours' sleep I was feeling less than inspired to go changing the routine, and ended up following an abbreviated version of last week's (time constraints forced a few things to get left out). After having established that my box squat max is somewhat higher than I had guessed, and having warmed up with a few light sets, I increased the weight by 15kg for some explosive squatting action. These are definitely feeling a lot more at home than they were a few weeks ago, and the lower bar position is now a firm favourite. Following the box squats was a little lower ab work in the form of hanging knee raises, which are also feeling a lot more comfortable and 4 sets of 10 felt fine. I need to look at ways to make this slightly more difficult next week - possibly by supersetting with some lower back work. I didn't go too wild on the standing calf raises, as my calves have yet to forgive me for a solid week of hiking around The Netherlands. It just isn't the same feeling without the presence of sun and canals. The front/rear lunge superset finished off the routine, which at only 42 mins was a little briefer than usual; but more than enough when slightly sleep-deprived. I shall be in deep slumber tonight. DE SQ/DL Dynamic stretching Box squat 2x5@20kg, 3x3@45kg 6x3@55kg Hanging knee raise 4x10@bw Standing calf raise 4x10@60kg Front/rear lunge (supersetted) 4x10@40kg Isometric stretching Total time : 42 mins

Quicker off the Box

Box Squats. They're taking a bit more getting used to than I'd hoped, but after moving through 11 reasonably quick sets (most of them triples) it's starting to feel a bit more natural sitting down in the middle of a movement.

Phase 1 Summary

The first 12 weeks of resistance work.

Longer, Slower, Heavier

Slower pace, heavier weights.

Introducing the Deadlift

If I'd known that deadlifts were so much fun I'd have started doing them years ago. In any case, never too late to start. Today's session moved along at a Black Sabbath-induced pace, which wasn't bad at all. It included : Ab crunches / leg raises superset : 50/50/50 Deadlifts 10/10/6/4/2, with increasing weight Plie squats 10/10/10, using the same weight throughout - more of an active rest than anything Romanian deadlifts 10/10/4, with increasing weight Hamstring curl 10/3/2, with increasing weight Leg extensions (top half of movement only) 10/10/10, with increasing weight - will have to load up a bit more next time Standing calf raise 10/10, with increasing weight - the calves felt ready to take a lot more, but the act of deadlifting the bar again just wasn't on the cards As I said, loved the deadlift. Very glad I put it at the beginning of the routine though. Think I'll sleep well tonight. Total session time : 78 mins

Time to Buy Some More Weights

Today's workout was a legs-only affair, at least as far as the primary muscle targets were concerned. I decided to deviate from the usual exercise bike warmup, substituting a couple of ab supersets on a stability ball. That took a bit of getting used to, but was surprisingly effective; and a lot more fun than blowing up the ball in the first place. Perhaps I should include that as pre-workout aerobic exercise. As for the weight session proper, it was a bit of a lengthy one this time mainly due to the amount of weight changing between sets. Most sets followed a 10-8-6-4 pattern, with the weight increasing each time. The exercises involved were : Plie squats (allow a greater range of motion than other squat types, and works the inner/outer thighs well), Romanian deadlift (works the lower back and thighs), Lunges (quads and hamstrings) Hamstring curl (this is one of the exercises that prompted the title of this post), Leg extensions (another exercise prompting the title), Seated calf raises (using a barbell wrapped in a towel isn't bad for this, but seems to be more painful due to the bar than the weight the calves are lifting), Standing calf raises (the third exercise prompting the title) As you've probably guessed by now, it's time to get hold of some more weights. Not to mention getting through the routine at something faster than the snails' pace of this session. Still, it felt pretty good.