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Checking Out : The Natural Method

Looks great.

Weighted Vest Workouts

Looks good.

Next on the reading list here : Jonathan Thompson's 'Weighted Vest Workouts'. A close look at this deceptively simple piece of equipment; how to load it up (in all kinds of ways), and how to put it to work. There's also a spot of detail on ankle and wrist weights.

The kindle version's already available, the paperback edition comes out Feb 17th.

NB : If you've been training for a while, chances are you already know many of the exercises it outlines. However, if you're just beginning your strength-training journey, this looks like a great addition to your collection.

Jonathan Thompson's 'Weighted Vest Workouts'. Good stuff.

Personal Trainer Magazine

Although I'm not a Personal Trainer myself, I'm very much interested in the world of fitness. From both the client and business sides of things.

Improving Your Pull-ups (Frank DiMeo)

Improving Your Pull-ups is one of the many superb resources mentioned in the discussion. This is the Kindle edition of Frank's own book on the subject, outlining a 12 week program that does exactly what the title suggests. And in no small way.

Stretching Your Boundaries - Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength


Sandbag Training Protocols

Get the most out of this amazing tool.

From the Fitness Shelves : Goodreads

Share what you're reading.

Straight to the Bar 2012 : Strength-Training Resources

We've noted a number of superb resources in the newsletter this year. Here are a few personal favourites.

Gymchat 180 - Arm Training

Increasing strength & size in all the 'right' ways.

Review : Functional Correction Manual

An invaluable resource.

Card Tearing eBook

The perfect place to start.

Gruntman & Geek: Issue Two


Gruntman & Geek: Issue One


Owen Swift's Hand-Book to Boxing

Fantastic read.

Global Personal Protection

The first issue of Australian Personal Protection's online magazine - Global Personal Protection - is ready for download. Oh, and it's free.

Free to Move

If 'increasing mobility' is on your checklist, grab this.

Recommended Training Tools : Bending eBook

The Crushdown. Each week on Straight to the Bar a member of the team looks at a product or training tool that's made a big difference in their own routines. Be it a DVD, grip toy or something as simple...

Fighting Your Way Out of a Corner

Fighting Your Way Out of a Corner.Via Combat Hard Warrior : just came across the free Fighting Your Way Out of a Corner ebook on Combat Hard. Good stuff....

Free Ebook on Self-Myofascial Release

Mike Robertson releases his free ebook on Self-Myofascial Release. A great read.

How To Construct Your Own Muay Thai Home Gym