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Checking Out : The Natural Method

Looks great.

Weighted Vest Workouts

Looks good.

Next on the reading list here : Jonathan Thompson's 'Weighted Vest Workouts'. A close look at this deceptively simple piece of equipment; how to load it up (in all kinds of ways), and how to put it to work. There's also a spot of detail on ankle and wrist weights.

The kindle version's already available, the paperback edition comes out Feb 17th.

NB : If you've been training for a while, chances are you already know many of the exercises it outlines. However, if you're just beginning your strength-training journey, this looks like a great addition to your collection.

Jonathan Thompson's 'Weighted Vest Workouts'. Good stuff.

Personal Trainer Magazine

Looks great.

Although I'm not a Personal Trainer myself, I'm very much interested in the world of fitness. From both the client and business sides of things.

With that in mind, I'm certainly intrigued by John Spencer Ellis' Personal Trainer Magazine. Available in both PDF and Kindle forms (same content, it's just personal preference), I'll be checking it out tonight. Review soon.

Personal Trainer Magazine.

Improving Your Pull-ups (Frank DiMeo)

Improving Your Pull-ups is one of the many superb resources mentioned in the discussion. This is the Kindle edition of Frank's own book on the subject, outlining a 12 week program that does exactly what the title suggests. And in no small way.

Stretching Your Boundaries - Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength


Sandbag Training Protocols

Get the most out of this amazing tool.

From the Fitness Shelves : Goodreads

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Straight to the Bar 2012 : Strength-Training Resources

We've noted a number of superb resources in the newsletter this year. Here are a few personal favourites.

Gymchat 180 - Arm Training

Increasing strength & size in all the 'right' ways.

Review : Functional Correction Manual

An invaluable resource.

Card Tearing eBook

The perfect place to start.

Gruntman & Geek: Issue Two


Gruntman & Geek: Issue One


Owen Swift's Hand-Book to Boxing

Fantastic read.

Global Personal Protection

Global Personal Protection.The first issue of Australian Personal Protection's online magazine - Global Personal Protection - is ready for download. Oh, and it's free....

Free to Move

If 'increasing mobility' is on your checklist, grab this.

Recommended Training Tools : Bending eBook

The Crushdown. Each week on Straight to the Bar a member of the team looks at a product or training tool that's made a big difference in their own routines. Be it a DVD, grip toy or something as simple...

Fighting Your Way Out of a Corner

Fighting Your Way Out of a Corner.Via Combat Hard Warrior : just came across the free Fighting Your Way Out of a Corner ebook on Combat Hard. Good stuff....

Free Ebook on Self-Myofascial Release

Mike Robertson releases his free ebook on Self-Myofascial Release. A great read.

How To Construct Your Own Muay Thai Home Gym

If you're just getting in to Muay Thai, you may be wondering how to put together a great home gym - without breaking the bank. Fight Geek looks at exactly what you need for your own Muay Thai training; in an excellent free ebook [.pdf, 109kb]. Superb.