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Looking At : Dec 23, 2018

What we were talking about this week on Facebook, Twitter (especially the lists!) and Nuzzel.

NB : if you'd like to be one of the Moderators for any of the above sites, let me know.

Dark Chocolate: The Delicious Way to Improve Your Physique and Performance

The many health benefits of this wonderful product.

How They Got Started : Keith Lorino

How the enigmatic Keith Lorino got started, and back into it.

Basic Anabolic Hypertrophy Training

Great book.

Favourite Fitness Gear

What everyone recommends.

Is Your Body Actually Responding to your Exercises?

How do you know if your workouts are working or not?

How They Got Started : Benjamin Andrews

How the enigmatic Benjamin Andrews began.

How to Squat, with Ed Coan

Great tutorial.

A Commercial Gym in 2020

Training in 5 years' time.

How They Got Started : Matt Davidson

How the enigmatic Matt Davidson began.

Gymchat 275 - How Food Choices Affect Your Body (Kamal Patel)

What's your current diet like? More importantly, what should it be like?

Quick Tip : Finding a Personal Trainer

How to identify the 'right' one.

Quick Tip : The Stages of Workout Nutrition

What, when and how much?

Quick Tip : Fast or Slow Reps?

How fast should you move the weight?

Gymchat 253 - Improving Recovery & Performance (Sincere Hogan)

Maximize your time with the iron.

Video for Gymchat 250 - Serious Training for Ignored Populations (Bill Kociaba)

Training everyone.

Video for Gymchat 248 - Establishing Standards for Strength & Progressions (Brian Tabor)

How you you begin? How do you progress?

Video for Gymchat 247 - The Power of Visualization (Jen Mulhall)

There's a PR up for grabs. Just before you begin the lift, what do you say to yourself? What are you thinking about?

Video for Gymchat 246 - The Pursuit of a HUGE Deadlift (Craig Bongelli)

How do you go from 'better than average' to freakishly strong?

Video for Gymchat 241 - Advanced Fat Loss : Losing the Last 10lb (Vic Magary)

Fat loss. We outlined the basic idea in a recent Gymchat ( #231 ); what happens when progress slows down a little or stops altogether? How do you lose the last few pounds?

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