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15 Planche Progressions (Barstarzz)

Wonderful information. Love it.

Bodyweight Reverse Hyperextension

Great idea.

How They Got Started : James Dotson

How it all began.

One Backflip Every Day

An interesting way to document progress.

Damien Walters Showreel '07

Great selection of gymnastic tricks.

Daniel Ilabaca

Performing a toe hang in London.

Xiao Qin on the Pommel Horse

Nice one.

Gymnastic Videos From Whipback

Looking for some more gymnastics videos?

Triple On Stilts

Don't blink - this is a quick one.

Wall Flipping

The many, many ways to jump off a wall.

Two More Acrobatic Videos


Pure Cirkus

What do you get when you mix acro-balancing with your favourite pub gig?

Now That's a High Kick.


Front Levering

Repping with the front lever.

Slackline Flip


Think You Can Swing?

The value of hand and wrist work.

Gymnastic Puppet Show

This is great.

Under Control