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Looking At : Jun 16, 2019

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Facebook, Twitter, in The Daily 'Paper' and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Immortal Strength Harness and Water-Fillable Club

Superb combination.

How They Got Started : Ray Hulm

How it all began.

Light Exercise After Meal Lowers Post Prandial Triglycerides, Study Finds

Try doing some of your training after you eat.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 10 Apr 09)

What we were talking about this week on Straight to the Bar.

Society for Barefoot Living

Not as crazy as it sounds.

10 Unknown Treks

Planning a bit of time outdoors?

Rick Tew's Ninja Training

These camps sound like fun. Somewhere between combat training and an adventure program, they combine disciplines such as rock climbing, hiking and camping. And various martial arts of course. Good stuff....

Made in England by Gentlemen

Made in England by Gentlemen.Via Get Outdoors : this is a great blog - especially if hiking's your thing. Follow Cookie and Paul over at Made in England by Gentlemen. Nice one....

Top 10 Adventure Videos

Good stuff.

Corned Beef

Good fun.

Training and Travel : Does Bodyweight Training Carry Over to Free-Weight Work?


Where's the Path?

Fancy a hike but aren't quite sure where to go?

Gear Trade

Via Rock Climbing for Life : The pleasure of training outdoors knows no bounds. If you're planning to keep your conditioning up this summer with a bit of hiking, climbing or mountain biking; head over to Gear Trade. They've got...

Naked Alpine Hiking

Going to be near Salzburg in July? Love the great outdoors? Try a bit of naked hiking in the Alps.

Trekking Poles

Interesting idea.

Back on the Box

Having had a luxurious 2 hours' sleep I was feeling less than inspired to go changing the routine, and ended up following an abbreviated version of last week's (time constraints forced a few things to get left out). After having established that my box squat max is somewhat higher than I had guessed, and having warmed up with a few light sets, I increased the weight by 15kg for some explosive squatting action. These are definitely feeling a lot more at home than they were a few weeks ago, and the lower bar position is now a firm favourite. Following the box squats was a little lower ab work in the form of hanging knee raises, which are also feeling a lot more comfortable and 4 sets of 10 felt fine. I need to look at ways to make this slightly more difficult next week - possibly by supersetting with some lower back work. I didn't go too wild on the standing calf raises, as my calves have yet to forgive me for a solid week of hiking around The Netherlands. It just isn't the same feeling without the presence of sun and canals. The front/rear lunge superset finished off the routine, which at only 42 mins was a little briefer than usual; but more than enough when slightly sleep-deprived. I shall be in deep slumber tonight. DE SQ/DL Dynamic stretching Box squat 2x5@20kg, 3x3@45kg 6x3@55kg Hanging knee raise 4x10@bw Standing calf raise 4x10@60kg Front/rear lunge (supersetted) 4x10@40kg Isometric stretching Total time : 42 mins

The Return

Apart from managing to shed 3kg whilst hiking around The Netherlands for a week, my recent trip suggested working on two main areas : calf muscles and upper back. There's nothing quite like a solid week of backpacking to point out weaknesses.