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Back in the Gym, Post Surgeries (Ronnie Coleman)

Must be incredibly satisfying, particularly after the 'you'll never walk again' comments.

Leg Press Foot Position

Love the Leg Press. Where do you place your feet when you do it, or when you're doing squats? How far apart, and what sort of angle?

Calves : How to Build Them

The forgotten muscle.

A Brief History of Circuit Training and Peripheral Heart Action (PHA)

How it all began.

When Do You 'Make It' in the Gym?

Time to get to work.

Finding Your Fitness In The Least Common Places

How it all began.

Blast from the Past : The Forgotten Lifts III

Over the past six years this site's amassed an enormous amount of content. To help you find the highlights, I'll be taking a wander through the archives from time to time.

Strongmen on Twitter Background

UPDATE (7 APR 2014) :

I’m currently doing a lot of design work for this site with another illustrator - and one I highly recommend, just take a look at his portfolio - my brother Glenn Bird. You’ll find him over at


I'm constantly surrounded by strength-training memorabilia (particularly that of old-time Strongmen/Strongwomen from 1870 - present), so when Rory Hickman offered to design a twitter background (which you can see here), it was logical to display several of them on there.

Blast from the Past : The Forgotten Lifts II

Back to the basics.

Making Changes : Winning the Gateway Classic

The result of training by Milos Sarcev.Matt investigates the Milos Sarcev approach to conditioning. And wins.

The Secrets of Building a Coveted Physique

Built like Hercules.

The Investments, Part I : The Zercher and the Suitcase Deadlift

Superb exercises.

Taking Advantage of Your Location

The Home Gym.

5 of the Best Exercises for All-Round Strength

If your leg press is out of this world but you can't do a pull-up with your own bodyweight, how strong are you really?

Report from the Big Seminar Part I: Lecture Notes

A wonderful return.

Flavor For Training

Time to tweak things a bit.

How I Learned to Love Multi-Joint Exercises

Great suggestions.

Ode To The Casual Lifter

You might not enjoy hearing this, but trust me, it needs to be said.

Ed Zercher

Strongman Ed Zercher performing an unsupported leg press.

Ed Zercher

Zercher Squats are one of the many cruel and unusual exercises developed by Californian strongman Ed Zercher (pictured here doing an unsupported leg press) these are done with the bar resting in the crook of your arms, rather than above the back (if you're still not quite sure how they're done, take a look at the BioMechanics Lab site).