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The Kennedy Lift

The Kennedy Lift.One of the lifts that Warren Lincoln Travis included in his 'Challenge to the World' - the Kennedy Lift. A partial Jefferson Lift, performed here with the aid of a Hand and Thigh Bar attached to a regular bar. Love it.

Fine-Tuning the Vertical Bar Path

Trying to get the maximum vertical acceleration during an explosive lift?

Blast from the Past : Partials

Paul Anderson's idea of a partial squat. Beautiful..Over the past four years this site's amassed an enormous amount of content. To help you find the highlights, I'll be taking a wander through the archives each Sunday.

Lockout Partial Bench Press For Strengthening Connective Tissue

Top of the Lockout.Long-term readers will already know I'm partial to a partial. Nick Nilsson takes a look at the Bench Press Lockout, its use and value in strengthening connective tissue. Good stuff....

The Partial Deadlift and Why its Beneficial to Fighters

Partial to a partial?

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson's idea of a partial squat. Beautiful.

One Arm Partial Row

Jay Cutler.Mike 'The Machine' Bruce briefly looks at a very interesting partial exercise - the One Arm Partial Row [140kb, .pdf]. I might just give that a go.