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The Future of Fitness : Virtual Training Partners

How will we train in the near future?

Bulldog as a Training Partner?

Via Elastic Waist : I love Japanese television.


The perfect display of lifting teamwork.

2nd Effort Drills : The Hard Style Clean and Jerk

Loose, fluid, and controlled.

Kettlebell Juggling (Pairs)

Interesting idea.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 29 Feb 08)

On the way up to sunny Queensland right now. While I'm in transit, here's a bit of a look at the past week here on Straight to the Bar :...

Two Man Clean and Jerk


Tandem Speedbag

Via Napalm's Corner : Jedd keeps finding great stuff. Here's a bit of tandem speedbag work. Love it.

Partner-Assisted GHR

Grab a training partner, or a towel.