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The Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification

This looks wonderful.

Elite Athletic Development 3 Seminar DVDs (Mike Robertson)


Gymchat 171 - Online Training III

Do you offer or use any online services as part of your training?

Gymchat 164 - Online Training II

Training when you're not in the same physical location.

Looking At : Apr 8, 2012

During the past week we've discussed a number of great links; on Google+, Twitter, Nuzzel and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

Part 2: Kettlebell, TRX, & Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Hurt Shoulders and Pulled Hamstrings

The videos.

Top 7 Hamstring and Shoulder Injury Recovery Exercises

It's not IF, it's WHEN.

10 Questions With Greg Everett

Incredible guy.

Crossed Up by CrossFit

A look at a CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar.

Grip 'n' Rip Strength Demonstration

Time to rip into it.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 23 Jan 09)

A great week here on Straight to the Bar.

Joint Function and Assessment with Chuck Wolf

Just a few of the highlights.

Ohio Parkour Generations Seminar: Play Day

As mentioned in the video, you can learn an awful lot by spending time with someone that knows what they're doing. May '08 Parkour Generations Seminar in Columbus, Ohio....

Perform Better Highlights

Scott, Nate, John and Craig.Nate Green and Dr. Clay Hyght take a look at several highlights from the recent Long Beach Perform Better seminar. Very interesting....

TFW Plate Lift Series

Don't have much in the way of equipment? Here are several exercises you can do with just a plate; demonstrated by Igor Gracie....

Going Further : Pull-up Drills 3

Via the June 2008 CrossFit Journal : in the third month of seminars over at CrossFit, GSX Athletics' Jeff Tucker does some great stuff with pull-up training, including this. Going further (dynos)....

Muay Thai Seminar with Tyrone Spong

Via Fight Geek : part of a Tyrone 'The King of the Ring' Spong seminar. Excellent....

The 2008 'Your Workout Sucks' Tour

Charles Staley and co. Good stuff.

TGIF : weekly round-up (WE Fri 4 Apr 08)

An excellent week here.

Senshido Self Protection Seminars

These look great.