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Review : The Rotater

Brilliant thing.

Low-Bar Squatting

Not quite as flexible as you'd like?

Shoulder Range of Motion and Thoracic Mobility

Warning - this is harder than it looks. Photo by Kris Krüg.Laree Draper takes another great look at shoulder ROM. If your shoulders are tight (mine certainly are), read on....

Technology and Fitness : Running Shoes

A good explanation of why not just any old shoe will do.

Presses Behind the Neck

Tracy Fober takes a very interesting look at the PBN - Press Behind the Neck. Not all athletes have the same training needs....

The Lost Art of Overhead Pressing

How much? Time to find out.

Bradford Press

The Bradford Press is named for former US Heavyweight lifter Jim Bradford, an olympic lifter, who had a reputation for being able to press any weight he was satisfactorily able to clean. After doing a few sets of these I can understand why.