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Using DIY Strongman Equipment with Clients (Alan Thrall)

Very interesting area (and yes, I agree entirely).

Climbing, Carrying and Dragging

A combination of Hill Climbing, Carrying and Dragging. In a weighted vest.

StrongerThanU Walking Sled

Wonderful combination.

Quick Tip : Lateral Sled Work


The Plough Horse

Here's a great sled-dragging variation - The Plough Horse.

Recommended Training Tools : The Ultimate Sled-Dragging Manual

Great read.

Sled Drag Variation

Sleds are great things. Here's an interesting variation.

Standing Sled Rope Row

A simple rope pull in action.

Seated Rope Sled Pull

Good fun.

Tire Flip/ Sled Drag Combo

Interesting combination.

One-Arm Sled Drag

A great way to drag your sled.

High-Step Sled Dragging

There are many, many ways to drag a sled.

Jacob Søndergaard's GPT - General Physical Toughness

Looking for ideas?

Train Like a Girl

The pink dumbbells are nowhere to be found.

DIY: Home-made Gym Equipment II

The DIY fun continues.

A Day in the Park

A length of rope, a couple of kettlebells and a sled.