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SPT2 (Wearable GPS Tracker for Team Sports)

Looks great.

Pop-up Dummy Punching

Unusual exercise.

Roald Bradstock

The Olympic Picasso.

Close to Home : A look at the Red Bull Flugtag, Sydney

One of the many fitness-related things you can do locally.

Urban Golf

The worse you play, the more fun you have.

George T.D. Moore

Superb Australian jockey.


If you enjoy skating, you'll love this site.

Ready to go Snowboarding?


Things Which Deserve More Attention : Off Seasons For Competitive Athletes

The importance of structuring off-season training.

Giant Pumpkin Paddling Race

Very, very strange.

How to do an Ollie

Over to Tony Hawk.

Top 10 Adventure Videos

Good stuff.

Dunk Inspiration Mix

Looking for a bit of motivation to train your vertical? Take a look at this.

Yukio Tani (the 'Pocket Hercules')

The man who brought Judo to the UK.

Al Oerter

Discus champion.

Art of Javelin

A good read.

Rafael Nadal

Part of Sports Illustrated's 'Best bodyparts in sports' series.

Cardboard Tube Duelling

I have to admit, it does look kind of fun.

Sochi in 2014

Should be great.

Parry O'Brien